5 OUTSTANDING Singing Auditions on Britain's Got Talent!

Published 2024-01-03

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  • @popcorn
    Which singer was your favourite?!
  • I am always mesmerized by her voice… breathtakingly beautiful….
  • @danross2947
    Alice,I felt like I was in a smoke filled cafe from a 1950's noir. Beautiful.
  • @FelyPage-vh8hj
    I love Alice Fredenam!, Beautiful with a beautiful voice as well!
  • She's like some of the Great Singers of the 1950s😊❤😮😊
  • @shobhadial9810
    They all deserve a golden buzzer 🎉🎉!! Definitely 💯 amazing singers!!
  • @barrydesaw3938
    Bless Alice’s soul. She will always have this day of conquest in her memory. Such a beautiful lady!
  • I can't get enough of her. This woman doesn't have to be the singer of today for me to fall in love with her. After this post, I'll watch the video again.❤
  • Whenever I watch and listen this audition of Alice Fredenham tears are dropping Here again and again. She is a goddess, so true.
  • @user-fo8wt6xw5p
    Dont cry in the next time! You are a wonderful Singer and a beautiful woman!❤❤❤
  • Yes, Alice was the best singer. I wonder where She is now and if She is still singing❣️❓️
  • @canishoribilis
    Elle nous scotch, nous hypnotise😮. Sensualité, douceur, fragilité, émotions... tout est là,au service de ses cordes vocales qui ressortent le tout avec terriblement de charme ❤❤❤
  • @harishwala5882
    Hello from India 🇮🇳, Congrats. Alice Fredman is simpy wonderful. See firs 8.00 minutes .
  • @user-jw5qb5sj7w
    Looks like she's a time Traveller (Alice Frdenham)from the 1930's or 40's ... Amazing 😍😍😍