Collect ALL 1,000+ Pokémon in ONE Binder (GEN 4 *AGAIN* Pokemon Card Challenge)

Published 2024-05-14
ROUND 2 - I need to beat Steve the clock and collect every Pokémon in Gen. 4 in 107 minutes, or I will give away all the Gen. 4 cards I collect and start again from scratch. I'm already behind on the ultimate challenge, thanks to losing to Steve last time, and I cannot afford to lose again.

I’m completing the entire Pokedex — collecting over a thousand Pokémon Cards — inside the GIGABINDER! Shout out to VaultX for making this actual oversized binder for this challenge (use code VAULTXDPM to get 10% off your next order on or Amazon)

I have to collect a single card for every Pokemon in existence by Card Party Gen. 2, or I will have to give away the entire Gigabinder and all the cards to someone at Card Party.

Do you think I can pull off this impossible Pokemon Card challenge by June 2024?

Card Party Gen. 2 tickets are on sale now:
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A big shout out to all the vendors at Frank and Sons Collectible Show, Jake @ekajtheekans for the starting cards,  @026Gonzo and @IanwithIan for the help collecting.

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All Comments (21)
  • @catapatata
    Pat! Two requests about the video editing: 1.- Make a list on the screen when you search for 20 or less pokemon to help us know what you are missing and cross them off.✍ 2.-Show the entire collection at the end so we can admire the cards, please! 🙏 Saludos desde Chile :D
  • @JayJunior3
    “Ah I’m fat” is by far the funniest thing I’ve seen on any Pokémon challenge lol literally made my day
  • @CardKingAce14
    when pat picks up the turtwig at 14:24 you can see a chimchar in the case behind, then immediately afterwards "we don't have any of the chimchar line yet"
  • @TheDoctorSlug
    The dude from "Card Addiction" with the organised bulk boxes was EXTREMELY clutch along with Gonzo, and everybody from PokeMart.
  • @CookieCutter
    The binder going to weigh too much to carry soon
  • @StellaDallas88
    Ok. Hear me out. Get a small box for the cards you collect during the challenege. So you dont have to open the binder all the time. You can even organize them by number while they are in the box to make it easier to move into the binder
  • @thisisalejo
    My kids were screaming the last 10 seconds of the video. Great video haha, good job Pat, Gonzo and Ian!
  • @AsijkDniw
    Gosh, you made it with just a moment remaining? Outrageous. Amazing work to all those that took on the challenge, and good luck with the remaining Gens!
  • @mgvolcom
    I don't even collect but I'm addicted to your channel. Good luck!
  • @quak9087
    The way that all came together was awesome!!! I didn’t expect Devin to arrive out of nowhere, and Gonzo was so unbelievably clutch with the Budew! It was definitely the best table to finish the challenge at given how helpful the Pokemart guys had been. Looking forward to gen 5!!
  • That was an amazing video and I'm so glad you succeeded in completing Gen 4 this time!! Good luck with Gen 5. As I'm sure you know it's the biggest Gen yet, with even more obscure Pokemon then all the previous Gens combined. But I believe in you!! Please don't make Gen 5 a timed challenge though. I don't think my heart can take it lol
  • @yth3f0rc3
    Hi Pat, have a challenge for you complete a neo destiny binder in under 24h or losing it
  • I am so hype to see Gonzo with you again, his partnership in helping you and his overall vibe last episode was awesome, would love to see him in future content with you.
  • @Hephaestus_God
    The Chimchar at 14:24 then followed by "We don't have any of the chimchar line yet" was peak. Makes you wonder how many you accidentally miss all the time lol
  • @jayjaygoodman
    I think you should do a binder challenge with a budget so you have to really think about how much you can spend without trades