NEVER GIVE UP! F1 23 My Team Career S6 Round 14 Qatar GP

Published 2024-04-16
#F1 #F123 #Matt212

F1 is back for the Qatar GP and the first of 3 sprint weekends to finish off the season!

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Favourite driver: Lewis Hamilton, Lando Norris, George Russell
F1 23 AI: 104
F1 23 Assists: None
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All Comments (10)
  • @numbbutbro
    Bro has become the max verstappen of this game
  • @midweekmike
    Matt has to win another race in order to win the championship all on his own accord. Cause praying on Bottas finishing below him is harder task 😂
  • I wonder what happened to Enzo Fittipaldi. After being 2nd before his pit stop, he didn't manage to finish at least 13th.
  • @flash5602
    great video matt❤ they need to take a leaf outnof your book and add all the liveries for all the cars for the next f1 game so we can fully choose what livery every car has on the grid, i like seeing the different cars on track✌🏻
  • @user-dt9ex5rd5b
    No sprints, they have caused Hamilton and Leclerc to get disqualified for excessive worn skid planks.
  • @Thehking5
    Was hoping to see Sainz push for the title. Shame the game is so broken.
  • @beany1987
    Great wins but still not a clean weekend, rookie mistakes will cost you at other events. Especially with what happened with albon then dropping yourslef into the path of the lowest rated driver on the grid and causing damage!!!