Pokémon, but I added 50+ NEW Types

Published 2023-09-17
I took Pokémon Emerald and added nearly 50 new types to the game like Gamer, Smash, Furry, Magic, Sus, and many more!
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   • Pokémon, but I added WAY too many typ...  

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RH Hideout Pokeemerald Expansion: github.com/rh-hideout/pokeemerald-expansion
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voloved Push B in wild battles moves to Run: github.com/pret/pokeemerald/wiki/Push-B-in-wild-ba…

Type Chart: docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1UN47H9UpLo0be-ltLz…
Major Fights: docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1t6Ihv-n6-EIhb--nrZ…
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  • This is the one game where your rival would be completely justified in being surprised you know the type matchups by heart
  • Seeing Jacob get triple wiped to Clay's Ohio/Gun gym battle of all of possible things can not be understated how actually truly amazing that is
  • I love that they found a way to make baby pokemon a viable alternative to their relatives & they used one of my favorite pokemon to do it. I also like that they gave it a babality.
  • @Jenga782
    In case you were curious, the complete list of added types are: Mystery, Monke, Angy, Baby, Friend, Guys, Liquid, Vibe, Song, Space, Fluffy, Sus, Furry, Bad, Ancient, Silly, Stinky, Sharp, Magic, Gender, Little, Crab, Dream, Right (political), Left (political), Zoomer, Gamer, Dance, Boring, Ugly, Gun, Pikachu, Prime, Ohio (Texas), Deez Nuts, Normal2(?), Bean, Boomer, Smash, OU, Ball, Sans, Uno Reverse, Emerald, and Type types. Also, Gender is the best type :)
  • @tsukechick
    Your modders are artists. This was incredible.
  • @dxjxc91
    I don't know what type I'd add, but I would add the move "too many types" a type type move that sets a room/terrain that makes all types neutrally effective to each other for 5 turns.
  • @thecatherd
    As someone who's dabbled in RSE modding since I was a child I can appreciate the absolute astronomically obscene level of effort your team put into this one. It had me giggling like a kid in a candy store.
  • @Czar_Khasm
    My best explanation for the whole Type-Type/Emerald Multi-Attack thing is that type interactions are stored as 4-bit values, ie. 0-15. Having a x16 interaction loops the value back in on itself to x0, BUT since it isn't considered a type immunity and the minimum amount of damage dealt needs to be 1, it just deals 1 damage.
  • @YoruMochizuki
    I think adding a Vtuber type and a parasocial type would be hilarious. Also, a nuzlocke type (similar to the uno reverse or type type) where if the pokemon faints its unusable would be neat
  • @Siinory
    Man a hardcore nuzlocke on this version sounds absolutely nightmarish! But I wanna applaud the modders, they had lots of fun and made us laugh a lot!
  • They made triple types possible JUST so Falinks could be Silly Little Guys, and I love it.
  • ‘The fluffy gamer type is weak to showers’ had me laughing out loud
  • @ImCade
    The editing. The concept. Everything about this is so fire
  • Does anyone happen to have an entire list of the types added? I’m tempted to personally make an eeveelution for each one.

    Also, I would totally add a food or snack type, with it being added to Pokémon that functionally are just living food (see; Alcremie, Vanillite, Sinistea), or Pokémon that are canonically eaten in some way (see; Slowpoke, Appleton, Cherubi).
    Maybe it reacts to conditions (like Burned or Frozen), or has a special way of interacting with its secondary typing (for example, the burned condition would be great at dealing with a Food/Ice type, or something.)
  • I’d add the Ash type. Any Pokémon that was on Ash’s team is an ash type and for some reason they’re rly OP (so good RNG for critical hits of something)
  • Light type, Evil type, Holy type, Time type, but one I’ve genuinely been wanting for a while is a sound type. There’s already a fair share of sound-based mons
  • @Eric-jh5mp
    Uno-reverse baby is kinda a genius idea. Make a type that's the least scary into the the most terrifying.