WiNDUP: Award-winning animated short film | Unity

Published 2021-01-19
Watch the full-length film, WiNDUP, Unity's newest animated short. WiNDUP highlights the fragile nature of life, love, and what it means to never give up.

This film is created in real-time 3D in out-of-the-box Unity 2019.2. WiNDUP was created on standard computers by setting strict rules about poly-count and what features they could afford to use. Examples including using pixel displacement instead of tessellation shader; using joints animation instead of animation caches.

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Directed by: Yibing Jiang
Producers: Aleksander Karshikoff, Silvia Rasheva
Executive Producer: Junbo Zhang

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  • Irene Berger
    Tocando el alma .....
    Oremos por todos, los que
    están pasando situaciones similares. 🌿🙏🌿
  • My grandma suffered from cancer. For 5 years she fought like a lion, she was so brave and strong and funny and could deal with litterally anything. She always knew what to do, anways understood people to the core of their heart. The doctors said that they expect her to last a year or two, but she was so strong she succeeded to live for the next 5 years. At the end she was in a really bad condition and couldnt wake up, and was kind of sleeping deeply at the verge of death.
    Then my father, her son, sat next to her. He said "hey, mom, wake up" in a really soft voice and she actually woke up. Everyone was in shock to see it. My father and grandma talked for a long two hours, and she said she was tired of it, and that after long five years she gave up. Then she told him that she was tired and wanted to sleep for a bit. That was their last conversation.
    I love her so much. She was an amazing woman. May her rest in peace.
  • Aidan Sheehan
    This film is so touching. The way the story interplay’s between real life and the girl’s mind is a beautiful way to tell the story. The broken wind up is a great way of representing the hopelessness you feel watching a loved one being so sick. The poignant story is moving, reminding me of my own experience watching a loved one die in hospital. The music is beautiful and the ending represents how in dark times, hope still exists.
  • Michi Dilemma
    This applies to so many situations: pregnancy, babies, people in a coma, etc. When you think they can’t hear you, they can, so talk to them, interact with them, do to speak, it does wonders to the brain. Never underestimate its power
  • Sarah Bruck
    This was my 3 yr old daughter trying to understand what was happening when I had cancer, and how she helped me beat these odds: 8% chance on surviving as long as 9 months. That was 22 years ago. She’s still my hero.
  • Indian
    Dad-daughter share love to each other at the heavenly level
  • Triparna Basak
    Whoever behind this film, lots of love and best wishes to all of them.
  • Sandra Bustos
    What a beautiful short story. Even though it was short it sure had a big impact in conveying a message. My husband survived Vietnam then when Covid came he took so much care of himself so that he wouldn’t get but god had other plans for him. Needless to say he caught Covid and after a month his lungs had gotten damaged beyond repair and he got his angel’s wings. It’s going to be two years since his passing and I have missed him so much. I feel I can’t be without him.
  • krshna77
    This has to be the most touching, most profound and most beautifully realistic piece of Art I have seen in many years.
    The simple and natural characters.
    The amount of introspection and the depth of feeling.
    The attention to details, the countless little movements of a living child, all the inner motions of a fresh soul, the joy, the confusion, the terrors, the questions, the excitement, the despair, the wonder...
    The sense of presence and the paralizing proximity of impending annihilation.
    The surprising complexity of a toddler's mind, and the sheer expanse of the subconscious, even at the youngest age.

    Makes one wonder how much of one's true person was defined by their earliest moments of existence, only to be buried deep below.
    And not just wonder. But feel the quiet rumble of this underground mountain, and fear the very thought of ever coming face to face with it. ..

    Thank you.
  • Niki
    This was brilliant, the emotions and story portrayed in this animation, in a very delicate but deep way at the same time, idk how to explain but it is just touching and big. Congratulations on the making of an beautiful video✨
  • Rashid P
    This made me cry, this was literally me sitting next to my brother in hospital for 6 months. He beat cancer and healthy now, thank God.
  • Yulia Shir
    As a nurse working my best years in ICU unit i can trully say it works. You can do everything possible or impossible to save the patients but only when the loving family around you will see the real results. Talk, sing, touch and put on some audio tapes. Never give up.❤
  • life is a journey
    Hats off for the whole team who worked on it. Direction, production ,animation, music, sound effects everything is on another level of creation. No words big hand of applause. 🎉🎉🎊♥♥♥♥
  • What a wonderful and beautiful film. The love, anguish and hope on the father's face spoke volumes. Congrats to all who made this possible. Beautiful piece of work.
  • Shuchi Pareek
    Excellent portrayal of such a delicate emotion!! Hats off to the makers. I was able to feel the anxiety that the father and daughter would be feeling in that moment!! It was as if I was one with them. Can still feel my heart beating so fast. BEAUTIFUL!!✌️🏅🏆👏
  • Amrus
    As a father of a 3 year old daughter I can tell you this: I can imagine enduring ANYTHING other than having to watch my baby suffer or lose her, God forbid. My deepest sympathies to those who go through it.
  • c yohe
    This was incredible! I felt so many emotions while watching this. My mom had Dementia & music was her joy. She could no longer play so I was teaching myself. She really liked that. I miss her so much.