You Laugh You Lose Is Very Funny In Real Life...

Published 2022-05-01
You Laugh You Lose, In Real Life! with Charlie Slimecicle!
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video edited by @LarryTL

All Comments (21)
  • Tom Simons
    guys i really dont mean to laugh at dick jokes they just get me in the moment im sophisticated dick jokes arent even funny
  • Slimecicle
    Can’t believe I had to bust out the opening song from my new musical, “Coming Soon”
  • some kid
    8:02 James getting hit in the face with balls is the funniest shit ever
  • Van
    Even Ranboo's eventual break was perfect comedic timing, right at the apex of the joke. Well done mate.
  • TheMomentChannel
    i love how tommy’s humor consists of only sexual things lmao
  • Kaycie..Spedzz..
    Love it how James called Charlie a speccy bellend and he didn’t get it but the boys cracked 5:30 💀💀
  • Live Smart Life
    The fact it took an entire musical with james, charlie, wilbur and tommys humor to crack ranboo is very respectable
  • Hope
    Tommy : “Be very careful this one bite”
    “I’m diabetic don’t put the cereal in my mouth”

    Everyone snickers 14:25
  • Teagan Matzan
    honestly the pure comedic GENIUS of charlie and james is irresistable
  • BananaBro
    James might've won in amount of laughs caused, but Ranboo certainly won in the department of holding it in.
  • Ninja boy Ben
    I love Ranboo's resolve and sheer will to not laugh until that musical number from Charlie.
  • GustQM
    3:11 wilbur explaining this bit was just way too funny man
  • sarcastichearts
    the way Tommy just folds into himself or grabs onto the chair arms to try and hold back the laughter. so good
  • Cydrix
    3:01 the way Wilbur just comes out from behind the curtain and just guns down Charlie is fucking hilarious.
  • Ricochet_wolf
    In a way I felt bad for ranboo but I also felt bad for wilbur, both of them tried so hard not to laugh 🥲🤣
  • SubNootical
    James, Charlie, and Wilbur really went above and beyond for this video. They did a whole musical number just to get Ranboo to break once.