Top 10 Most Common Mistakes to Avoid on Your Driver's Test

Published 2021-05-26
Learn the top 10 most common errors on a driving test and avoid these so you don't fail - watch the video. Driver's Test Checklist ►… SUBSCRIBE TODAY! ►

00:00 - Top 10 Most Common Errors on a Driving Test
00:23 - #1) Failing to Shoulder Check
01:09 - #2) Knowing the Difference Between 2- and 4-Way STOPS
02:11 - #3) Stopping Positions at Controlled Intersections
02:35 - #4) Improper Technique When Changing Lanes
03:40 - #5) Not Signalling When Turning or Moving Vehicle Sideways
05:00 - #6) Too Close in a Line of Traffic
05:25 - #7) Incorrect Lane Positioning
06:32 - #8) Incorrect Position When Turning
07:16 - #9) Going Too Slow & Being Too Cautious
07:53 - #10) Backing & Looking Out the Rear Window
08:41 - Bonus - 2 Hands on the Steering Wheel

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How to Shoulder Check

2- and 4-WAY STOP Signed Intersections

Correct Stopping Positions at Controlled Intersections

How to Change Lanes Correctly to Pass Your Driver's Test

Space Management and Where to Stop in Traffic

How to Stay Centred in Your Lane When Driving

How to Make a Right Turn at an Intersection

Follow These Step To Turn Left Safely & Pass Your Driver's Test

Correct Speed for Passing Your Driver's Test

How to Reverse a Car to Pass Your Driver's Test

Good luck on your road test.

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All Comments (21)
  • Nikki Conrad
    Just took my test today and I passed first try! Rick, thank you so freaking much your videos are the only thing that got me through it! You are awesome!
  • Claire Kosowan
    Thank you so much! Watched this video this morning and then I passed today after failing twice. Every time I failed I would get so discouraged I would stop practicing my driving. Even if you've failed before it's important to keep practicing and trying again. Know that you are not defined by those failures, that they are learning opportunities for the next test. I did almost everything wrong last time, ended up over the curb when parking, and knowing that I already failed caused me to mess up a lot of other things. This time I learned from my mistakes and only lost 5 points for signaling too early, thanks to watching a lot of your helpful videos and practicing every day. Good luck to everyone on their upcoming tests!
  • Katterine Soto
    Doctor Rick, I took my driving test an hour ago in WV and I passed on first try. Your videos were a tremendous help, specially parallel parking, I aced it! I practiced almost everyday for two weeks and it paid off. I am ecstatic because I no longer will have to depend on Uber or anybody to get around from now on.
    Thank you so much!
    Keep up the great content!
  • Yaozu Li
    1. 2 shoulder checks for lane changes!!!
    2. keep a 2-3 second distant between the car in front of you
    3. Have correct lane positioning
    - Don't stay too close to parked cars, shoulder change and move to the other lane if needed

    Thank you for the tips sir!
  • Shyy Wiseguy
    Found this video last night, watched it once then and again this morning. 10/10 video, straight to the point and everything is explained in clear detail. Passed my Class-5 Test today, first try! Can't thank you guys enough!
  • Jacob Pitre
    Class 5 road test in an hour or so… I can safely say I am nervous haha
    Update: Passed 100%! The class 5 road test was waaay easier then the class 7 road test. Staying calm is the key!
  • David French
    Excellent advice! And I was impressed how he pointed out the need to signal before going around an obstruction; in his case he was passing a stopped recycling truck. I’m stunned at how many bad drivers today fail to signal, especially if it involves crossing solid lines into what could be oncoming traffic. Likewise holding the steering wheel with both hands. You lose count as to how many reckless drivers steer with one hand (or just a wrist!), often just at the top of the wheel. If what you’re doing would have made you fail the driving test, then you probably never learned how to drive correctly.
  • Dylan Douglas
    I passed my road test today and got my license. Thank you Soo much for the great videos!!! For anyone nervous about taking their road test. You can do it with the right amount of road practice!
  • I wanted to thank you for all you got in this channel ! I got the licence at first time without practicing all that i would've wanted. The spatial awareness and social driving you teach made my learning a lot easier (And i feel a lot safer too)
  • Hazel Rivera
    Dear Rick, I took my road test today and passed with flying colors according to the examiner! I was a nervous wreck getting into the DMV here in Tennessee but I made it! My examiner even went up to my husband after the actual test to chat. He first made it look like I failed. He said, ' are you sure you want her driving you?'. It was hilarious!
    My written test also received high scores (although the actual number wasn't shared with me). Your channel helped me a lot to prepare for both. You explain everything so quickly. Thank you for all you do. God bless you always and be safe!
  • B8 Red
    Rick, thank you so much for these videos. I took my drivers test today as a second try and I Passed ! I’ve been binge watching your driving tip videos and nothing but good information and I love how you get straight to it 🌟. If it wasn’t for your videos I don’t know what I would do 😭 I really appreciate it Rick. I will for sure recommend people to your channel. ⭐️
  • Rita McNeil
    Thank you so much for your advices! I passed my road test 3 days ago! If you guys are nervous like me during the road test, it helps a lot if you verbalize what you are doing but you have to ask your examiner first if it's ok to do it.
  • Took my Driver License test today morning and passed. Thanks for these tips they helped a lot. 🙌
  • cdmello123
    I passed my test today in the first attempt... Thx for the videos, they were informative and very very helpful.
  • TheWoWisok
    Thanks for the tips, I had to go do my G drivers test in Canada and there were a few things you said that I did not think about (and now will start doing) I got almost perfect on my test, only demerit point was due to me merging on the QEW highway and the truck in front of us slammed on it's breaks so I had to break hard, tester said it was not my fault really, but that I should give trucks a wider birth in the front AND back (we were behind it) just in case something like this happens.

    Was very pleased with my ability to drive, your video really gave me the boost of confidence knowing I was doing the proper way of checking things before turning / merging / accelerate fast enough (I realized I was going slower than normal because of nervousness but put my foot down to speed up ) Thanks for the tips! :)
  • Chelsea Plaza
    Hi just passed my drive test yesterday! Thanks a lot for your videos! Especially this one! Watched it several times and it really helped me especially on taking notes on what things to improve and not to do! Thanks again!
  • Yvonne Mariell
    OMG, I passed my road test FIRST TIME today in Vancouver BC! I was so nervous because so many constructions going around today and it was not there yesterday when I practiced. I've been watching your videos since February and also it helped that I purchased the online class Pass the Roadtest First Time. There are things that my instructor did not metion that I learned from you like stopping every 1 car and look 360 in Back-up straight. My examiner asked me to do it twice and it's all good. Thank you Ric and more power!
  • :]
    Passed on first try this morning made sure to keep this video in mind during the test. Remember to try to be as calm as possible and take your time. They are there to asses you being a safe driver not a fast one.
  • TRH
    Passed my G today. Your videos has helped me a lot, since the start of my license. Thanks a bunch!
  • Liz
    I was so nervous before my test today but watching your videos calmed me down, I passed!
    Thank you!