Published 2018-12-20
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Cody Ko

All Comments (21)
  • Zee Don
    You can tell they’ll be together forever. Until a few months later. When they stop being together.
  • Garrett Benton
    The most cringe thing about this is the guy's fake attempts to match her level of interest.
  • dee
    she admitted they were both on shrooms when they made this. makes so much sense
  • cath m.
    are we gonna ignore the fact that they met a month ago and now they live together 💀
  • Giant Pink Cat
    This is an exact portrayal of how every other state sees Californians.
  • Ray Murtadho
    When someone say "White people" as an insult, this is who they meant
  • GingerSnapz03
    I love how she’s trying to be artsy and poetic and he’s just like “ fuck yeah we make smoothie bowls and our house is sick”
  • Adaora
    If Cody and Kelsey don't make a parody of this to announce their engagement I'm gonna be devastated
  • Jackson Laframboise
    I love how it’s human nature to make stereotypes. But if somebody falls too perfectly into a stereotype, we’re just like “naw. This is fake. Tf is this?”
  • ItsIsabel
    “You feel things so hard.”
    Is the best line in this entire video.
  • Andreas
    Canadian version:

    You were buying bacon
    You were buying maple syrup
    Shoutout NoFrills
  • marissa j
    you were buying ᶜᵉˡᵉʳʸ

    you were buying 𝓻𝓸𝓼é
  • katyusha_
    it’s just so funny bc she’s trying to sound poetic and spiritual and he’s just saying stuff like: i love celery, fair enough, i gotcha😭😭😭😭
  • dario fkxv
    this is a better anti drugs commercial than any we ever saw in school lmao
  • You know the cringe is at a very high level when Noel physically cringes at it
  • they sound like they’re both trying to have a different conversation but they’re both too selfish to agree on what conversation they’re having
  • Sammi Jacobs
    "Most of us cannot afford to be this delusional." 💀💀💀
  • Julia Casdel
    "Most of us cannot afford to be this delusional"
  • Emma Webster
    Quite honestly, this video is helping me get over the worst breakup of my life because damn at least I’m not part of something with the potential to be this insufferable.