Croton Dam - Past Present Future

Published 2016-07-13
Croton Dam is one the true gems to visit in Westchester County, NY. It has a public park as well as serving NY City with part of their water supply system. We captured some incredible aerial views in this video and Paul Macey (Croton Dam Facebook Administrator) fills us in on some Dam facts about the past, present and future of Croton Dam.
Shot & Edited by Damien Maass
Music licensed through Art-list

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  • ann marie Lyn
    My family and I visited the Croton Dam back in 1989 before we moved to sunny dry Southern California. I was impressed with the engineering and realized I wouldn't be seeing such a large flow of pure water for a long time. Very nice video.
  • Robert Lennon
    Been there many times , there is nothing like it around. It's beautiful and has stood the test of time
  • Puente Corto
    This is a milestone.
    KUdos to those workers who build this.
  • azbikerider49
    Great video. I ride across it pretty regularly. Maybe you can enlighten me. How is it they did all that work to the area, gave it a new name "New Croton Dam" yet they can't finish paving the top where people walk and ride? and now risk snapping an ankle because it's so torn up. Forget about if you have someone in a wheel chair. Not to mention 129 leading to the park. It's unbelievable how bad that road is. There must be a reason why it's not being touched. Thoughts?
  • Epik ASMR
    When I was a kid my grandfather had a place up there we would go to every summer. I live in florida now, nothing is better than croton. Nothing.
  • Paddy
    Really COOL....YOU can embrace the place you live and LOVE!!!!!
  • wheatberry
    one of my favorite places on the planet !!!! Been on, under it, and IN it ...
  • J Nolette
    That just became my favorite dam
  • John Marchan
    Hey man, great video. I want to go take some footage here. Did you have any issues shooting here? Did you have to ask permission?
  • BIGshow67
    That is really an awsome looking dam, with the bridge and spillway and surrounding area,beautiful.
  • Dash Watkins
    I remember goin here as a child playing frisbee wow life flys and the mat dam is still ass I remember it even now that I’m 25yrs young
  • Cindy Leung
    多謝 You Tube
    讓我生活在香港的我 也知道外國也有一個風景幽美 美麗的湖
  • MrOliverwoods
    They can’t be fixing this up for electrical use, exclusively, right ?
  • ohmilantic ocean
    Youtube took me down a rabbit hole into dams
    I know alot about dams now