Shrekvember - The Final Shrek

Published 2022-11-22

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  • @bdink2605
    Marcus being the only one to notice and react to the actual slavery was hilarious for no reason
  • Loving the redemption arc of “this looks lame as hell” to “oh shit this is actually decent”
  • I'm beginning to forget what Marcus sounds like when he's not sick. He can't stop being sick someone help him 🤧
  • As a shrek 4 defender I’m very happy that I was redeemed
  • I was disappointed by the lack of Shrektober this year, luckily Cosmonaut and his friends came in clutch when I thought all hope was lost
  • Can't believe he finally reached the 3rd movie of the Shrek trilogy!
  • @hmalba7864
    Marcus doubling down on that brief Walmart bit is HYSTERICAL for some reason
  • Don’t think we’re not expecting a shrecktober viewing of Puss in Boots.
  • "I still don't think it was very good."
    I'm already on it
  • We can only hope there will be another Shrektober one day. Let's enjoy this one to the fullest, friends!
  • @LiamHKW
    The silence and horrified look on all of their faces at 15:37 is my new favorite moment on this channel
  • The shot of everyones mouth gaping open after the Cookie guy dies sent me to the fucking moon
  • I was chuckling from Marcus’ reaction to Gingy’s death, but I was DYING when the video had cut from that and straight to an ad. Fantastic timing lol
  • @ubermaster1
    I really do love how all 3 of them are just genuinely funny without trying.
  • Marcus is so powerful that he can retroactively turn the entirety of November into Shrektobor.

    Truly a force to be reckoned with.
  • @Bjhorn279
    “I’m sorry I’m enjoying this movie, I’m missing your bits” is the best compliment this movie could’ve gotten.