What 100 days of Destiny 2 looks like

Published 2022-09-21
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  • zanny
    Thank you to NordVPN For supporting the channel! Check out their exclusive risk-free 30 day guarantee here nordvpn.com/zanny #ad
  • As a Titan, I want your flight license back now please Zanny, after that Thundercrash.
  • Wolfe
    "Im still pretty new to this game" - the man with 92 DAYS of playtime
  • Parker Maxwell
    Zanny do be splicing footage together mere seconds apart to make the raid explanation seem all the more complicated.
  • Anyone else notice how they literally made fun of Caleb for not thinking Bulgaria was real, then they all agreed that Transylvania isn't real? Bro thats a place in central Romania lmao
  • Blake Hensley
    Hey Danny I just wanted to say that I was watching this video before doing kings fall this week and I got touch of malice! This was my third attempt! So thank you kindly
  • Titanokhan
    Can we appreciate the fact Zanny made it into the top 10 Trending on YouTube? Zanny deserves it after his hardwork of giving us endless laughs.
  • idk :0
    Zanny: shows almost 2 months of destiny gameplay

    Also zanny: “I’m still KINDA new guys”
  • When zanny says he's not gonna make another destiny 2 video for a year: "Oh you can't do this to me"(Willem Dafoe)
  • Kisuke5678
    When you show your build you should also show what aspects and fragments you use in the subclass also what are your thoughts on light fall?
  • Rene Torres
    9:24: Me trying to tell my past self to not watch Zanny’s Destiny 2 video knowing it would make me get addicted to the game.
    Edit:But all comedy aside thanks to destiny 2 I met some real good friends
  • traffic cone
    Zanny: “I’m still pretty new to this game”

    Also Zanny: 48 days into the game
  • Glen Geyer
    Zanny has officially transformed into Homelander.
  • TDE 44
    Bruv, that Eris Morn line hit me harder than that Thundercrash hit you~
  • Wither Hoard
    I love when you post destiny content zanny. It really brightens my day and boy do I need it with all the debt I owe to spectrum the IRS and multiple credit agencies.
  • adiodo
    Zanny: "I'm still pretty new to this game"
    Also Zanny: has over 1000 hours
  • One improvement you could make to the shield-throw build is to equip the void detonator aspect, which will make everything explode as well as get hit by shields.
  • DKM
    Welcome to rehab