Published 2023-06-24
My daughter Salish reveals the 10 things she's going to do every day in her epic day in the life summer routine! Wait until the end to see her get a very shocking surprise! Go see Hudson surprise Salish with a $1 and $1000 present:


Salish & me:

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Video by Sandy Chase

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Wow, if you're still reading you are awesome! BOOOMMMM!!

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  • @jordanmatter
    What was your favorite Salish summer activity in this video?
  • @987mpk
    Only very very very real & true fans of Salish will like👍this comment.
  • @pikaorehek
    ❤❤only real salish fans can like this comment ❤❤
  • @S4r4nghw43
    12:01 wholesome Salish has became emotional to her dad who just fell.❤ Please boost Salish on famous birthdays. She is also 14 started getting noticed in around February 2020 (extra)
  • JORDON IS 57 YALL Edit:Tysm for the likes and comments yous didn’t have to! Edit two:srry abt my spelling JORDAN
  • @Pearlstudies
    12:04 omg salish hugging and caring for jordan awesome father-daughter duo
  • @NylahNy
    12:00 Salish was so caring about her dad who fell 🥺
  • @CreativTiger1
    Salish, Jordan, and Hudson must be the life of the party ❤❤❤ especially my fav YouTubers
  • @Jyoths108
    Salish and Hudson remind me of me and my older brother
  • @yamanytr
    Now we just need to see the GPT44X price also move in the same direction as these charts. Up. Very Up.
  • @Your_girl2008
    I think that she’s gonna be a good cook when she is older.❤ (Edit: OMG, I never had this many likes before)
  • @Blueb3lls
    I love how much Jordan loves Salish and brings up memories and devotions his channel and his day to her
  • @ivanrivera2088
    i love love love love love love love love love salish's energy
  • @ranaghaith951
    I love Salish because she’s so happy and energetic I just love it🥰!