How Drug Trafficking Actually Works — From Heroin to Cocaine | How Crime Works Marathon

Published 2024-02-08
Adi Jaffe was a crystal meth dealer in Los Angeles, purchasing his supply from local meth labs and making his way up to dealing with Mexican cartels. After leaving prison, Jaffe attained his doctorate degree in psychology. He now lectures at the University of California, Los Angeles, and runs a practice called IGNTD, which takes a unique approach to addiction recovery.

David McMillan is a British Australian former drug smuggler. He trafficked heroin through Southeast and Central Asia. He was arrested numerous times between the '80s and 2012, and he estimates he trafficked over $17 million worth of heroin internationally. He is now an author and speaker on drug-policy reform.

Pieter Tritton, a former cocaine smuggler, speaks with Business Insider about trafficking cocaine from Ecuador to Europe through a cartel connection. Tritton was arrested in Ecuador and sentenced to 12 years in one of the world's most violent and corrupt prisons.

Shaun Attwood is a former drug smuggler who ran a successful ring trafficking MDMA pills in the US in the '90s. He was arrested in 2002 and served six years in US jails. Attwood published his life story as the "English Shaun Trilogy" and talks to audiences around the UK and Europe about prison reform.

Neil Woods spent 14 years as an undercover police officer infiltrating some of the most dangerous organized-crime groups in the UK. He speaks with BI about his experience with drug-dealing gangs and how the drug market works. Woods is now a board member of the Law Enforcement Action Partnership, an American nonprofit.

Adi Jaffe
Pieter Tritton
Shaun Attwood
Neil Woods

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00:00:00 - Crystal Meth
00:18:27 - Heroin
00:41:16 - Cocaine
00:57:21 - Ecstasy
01:16:27 - Drug Gangs
01:28:34 - Credits

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How Drug Trafficking Actually Works — From Heroin to Cocaine | How Crime Works | Insider

All Comments (21)
  • @shaneiles3763
    The first guy is like the opposite of Walter he started dealing drugs and ended up a scholar and a teacher lol
  • @mjock392
    The second guy could've legit be narrating a BBC documentary about heroin and then at the end say "... so that's how I was dealing heroin" and blow everyone's mind watching.
  • @yewcraynian7915
    You can tell the first gentleman is extremely smart and is very comfortable with speaking. No pauses, no um's - just clear and concise sentences. Would love to hear more stories from him.
  • @michaelg1060
    Perhaps the best straight on no bullshit documentary on drug smuggling ever. No "moral pose" struck. Excellent.
  • The third guy: we used to hide the cocaine in tents. The ad that pops up on my youtube right then: are you looking for a new tent?
  • @cnilecnile6748
    I had NO idea..... I clicked on this out of curiosity, and figured I would only last 5 minutes at most. I was transfixed. I've heard about all of this for decades, but have never actually seen it. Really enjoyed this.
  • @KindaNiceHoodies
    The fact that we get such detailed and thoughtful insight into this otherwise completely obscured world is really amazing. This is the type of content that really makes the internet a better more impactful place, and I appreciate yall time and effort that went into this.
  • @dinaboop
    As someone who has no street smarts, and has never done drugs, the second guy is fascinating to me. A whole other world.
  • @randallromero625
    That first dude was absolutely awe-inspiring and I really didn’t see the comeback story happening there. I got sober in August 14, 2019. I relapsed recently and I’m struggling again but this dude just revitalized my jolt. I feel that same enthusiasm and electric energy for recovery. I also believe my life’s purpose is to help others be saved the way I was.
  • It's incredibly impactful to see the undercover cop's deep regret in realising that his incredible achievement and sacrifice had amounted to virtually nothing.
  • @ciaraskeleton
    The first guy is absolutely bang on about addiction. The idea of abstinence is absurd. You do NOT have to be ready to quit forever to start moving forward and getting to a place where you do want to quit. When you're in active addiction, thats your life. When you quit, you try to abstain forever, you sit facing your empty life with the weight on your shoulders and then the relapse comes, with shame and self hatred by the bucket load. We need to be encouraging and showing people how they can start building lives first, before they even think about the quitting process. We need to be giving people lives that they want to live, not throwing them sober and sore back into the life they run from.
  • @juliamaddox4408
    With the first guy, I have a friend who was arrested with a trunk full of cocaine. He turned his life around after prison and just became a licensed social worker last week. So proud of that guy!
  • @SeriogesLife
    The third guy was smuggling cocaine around the world but got ptsd from prison in Ecuador, that prison must be mean crazy
  • @MusicalMike
    The best description I've heard on the behavior of addiction is- "It waits."
  • @landerlee127
    As an addict myself, actively from age 16 to 35, now being 40; this is by far the most accurate, best told, informational documentary on drug smuggling I have ever seen. I can say first hand that the meth, cocain, and heroin stories are as truthful as they come. It is wild to watch today vs. the years of my most active addictions. A HUGE thank you to all of those who took the time and had the courage to make this film. You have no idea how truly inspirational you will be. I pray this video reaches 10 million or more.
  • @vangroover1903
    People say that Youtube is a pointless cesspit, but these How To tutorials could be a godsend for impoverished but ambitious people trying to get into the industry. Nicely done.
  • "The smaller guys have been forced out of the market by these mafias who hold a monopoly." The little guy is just getting fucked over everywhere.
  • @auro5746
    going into another country cause the price of corruption is lower is such a good description of how the world works
  • @CallynAnderson
    started smoking since my teenage. Got addicted to cocaine. Also suffered severe depression and mental illness. It's just amazing how psilocybin mushrooms treatment actually saved my life. 3 years clean. Never thought I would be saying this about mushrooms