Alone With GOD: 3 Hour Piano Worship Music for Prayer & Meditation

Published 2017-05-29
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Scripture taken from the New King James Version®. Copyright © 1982 by Thomas Nelson. Used by permission. All rights reserved.

All Comments (21)
  • @DappyTKeys
    1 Million views in less than 3 months... Wow! I am incredibly stunned and encouraged. To God be the glory! Thanks to everyone who has shared, liked and left a comment on how this video has blessed them. I read all your comments and they cause me to praise God for what He's doing through my music. Please keep sharing with your friends and family and let us reach more people for the glory of God. God bless. #alonewithhim #dappytkeys #piano #worship
  • @bittyboop6439
    I love God, I grew up as a "routine Christian" I went to church but never truly loved God. Last year I suffered from severe depression and anxiety. I finally decided to turn to God 2 weeks ago and He has already brought me so far in my healing. Thank you God
  • @G.W.B
    I am 12 , I am walking with jesus and working for his purpose I am a piano player in my church so search for piano sheet in youtube and I saw this video I heard it ❤ 🙏 i can't stop crying 😢 ❤ God's love touch me this movement ❤

    Amen 🙏
  • @CharlotteButton
    I battle with severe anxiety and depression, and I stumbled upon this video and it instantly calmed me down and I began to cry. It was live a wave of peace came over me. I know I’m not the only one battling with struggles like this, and I just wish and pray everyone has long, fulfilling, happy lives. God bless us all <3
  • @rebekah6087
    I used to be Mormon then became agnostic..God saved me from that lifestyle and from the world…I’ve been delivered from sin and God is teaching me how to take control of my life again and how to not give the enemy a seat at my table. Thank you Jesus. To whoever is reading this: God sees you and knows you better than yourself. Don’t give up hope and don’t give up in general..Satan will use your emotions against you so take your life back and if he reminds you of your past remind him of his future. If you have any doubt or anxiety’s ask God to help you through it and he will. He is faithful and loving🫶🏻 And remember DONT give the enemy a seat at YOUR table..Christ is the one who set the table so why would you welcome the enemy there?
  • @DappyTKeys
    10M Views!!! So grateful to God for using this instrumental to touch many lives across the globe. The testimonies you've shared in the comments are overwhelming and humbling. God alone be praised!Thanks for supporting what I do and helping me to reach others with the love of God through my music. Let's keep sharing. God bless
  • All my 3 pregnancies were so hard. And now am suffering with a bad morning sickness with my 4th one. This music is helping me a lot. It gives me strength to go through my all day and night pain. God bless you
  • @peaceonearth_io
    Beautiful sounds. For everyone listening: remember storms don't last forever, you're gonna get through this ❤❤
  • @lovebeauty3877
    I sit here anxiously waiting for my son to make his appearance to this world praying everything falls into place with his birth 🙏💕my faith has been moved my Heavenly Father has always guided me ♥️ I just pray for anybody reading my post!
  • @desigonzalez2570
    I always had a hard time learning Gods mercy thinking that every mistake I made was going to be punished by him … but instead I learned that no matter how many mistakes we make how much we fail him his love is never ending and everlasting ❤ he’s beautiful and he’s amazing ❤
  • @brianwood7536
    I was a lifelong hardcore atheist. I wasn't a believer and lived my life as an alcoholic and drug addiction. I had so much hate in my heart and wasn't living a good life. I woke up one day and knew I needed to change my path in life or I wouldn't be here much longer. I now whole heartily believe in God and have 100% faith in his presence. Every morning I pray and thank God for the love I have and every time I end my prayer with I love you God I get an over whelming warm sensation washes over me
  • Praise the Lord! I’m 11, and I love reading the Bible each day. God has helped me so much in my life. Trust in Him! I’m reading and meditating on the book of Ephesians right now, and I feel so connected with the Lord!
  • @maehamchawan6271
    while hearing this music.. I'm crying confessing to Jesus my sin saying thankyou. I know God will make miracles.
  • I have never commented on that video, but I wanna tell you today that these 3h of blessed piano have been played almost every day and night in my house since 2018! When I was going through the fire, I found this page and God used your gift to calm me and worship Him instead of focusing on my issues. My countless sleepless nights in tears are no more. God has moved in my life and I am grateful. I've slept (and still sleep) with it, drive with it, work with it... and so are my younger children. They're 8, 9 and 13 and they sleep in peace with it. My daughter just told me "Daddy, today can we play "Alone With God" :)

    When my sister was going through the fire, I shared this with her, and it helped her so much.

    I've started to play this when my pastor do the alter call after his sermon...

    All that to say THANK YOU for using your gift to glorify God and bless His children. The presence of God in your music surely saved me! I give Him all the glory!
  • @yolandalouise78
    The enemy attacked our wonderful family with great evil. I’m listening to this as I pour through scripture and pray. I’m doing a breaking free next level seminar and as I go through this with your music it’s helped calm me. I know the Lord will restore us. Will you pray for us?
  • I just want to thank every single person who has commented, you have blessed me so much! I struggle with depression and anxiety and the music and heart warming words from other brothers and sisters in Christ really keep me going
    Thank you so much! God bless you all.
  • @chrisbailey4387
    So Grateful I found this. I struggle with quiet and being still. My ADD is always alive. I tried many practices to learn to be still and meditate. It was suggested that music might help me. Thank you for your music ! I actually found rest and quiet within a few minutes. May God Bless you and others who come to hear your music.
  • @Musicsongs921
    to anyone reading this im so proud of you & thank you for being so strong & for living another day. whatever you’re going through, i promise you, it will pass. sending peace, love, strength, and prayers to you all. God bless you all <3 thank you for shearing
  • @CA-iu5fs
    This music is so very peaceful. I struggle everyday, feel very alone and this is a very difficult time of year for me. I have recently brought the lord back into my life. I pray for him to stay by my side and I know he will never forsake me. Blessings to everyone listening to this .