Grandmother of Timothy Jones Jr. testifies in his trial

Published 2019-05-24
The grandmother of Timothy Jones Jr., Roberta Thornsberry, testified for the defense. The South Carolina man is on trial for killing his five children.

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  • tracie day
    I'm a mother and grandmother. I could never take the stand to help build a defense for anyone who murders a child.
  • My parents were both teen parents and I was raised around drugs and alcohol. A lot of my family is still like that and it pushes me to want to be better. It’s no excuse.
    No matter how bad you had it as a child you ALWAYS have a choice at the end of the day.
    Why put your children through the same or in this case even worse?!
    These poor children didn't ask to be in this world! Why must these monsters reproduce when you have so many that would make amazing, loving parents?! I hugged my children extra hard today.
  • Tina Louise
    Many of us came from bad homes and absent parents… no excuse
  • Wee Annie
    This case has gotten under my skin. I’m so mad at the so called professionals that are trying to give him a free pass. If Anybody hurt my grandchildren God love them! I wouldn’t stop. No matter who it was
  • SnowBunny
    It doesnt matter how far back you go it doesnt change the fact this monster killed his flesh and blood. He knew exactly what he was doing. Trying to get even with the mother. Its a waste of tax dollars to have to go over this crap. Hes guilty. Just rid of him. I think anyone that harms a child should go straight to a woodchipper after being found guilty. Even if your nuts it would make one think twice if they knew they would be eaten alive by a chipper. These evil monsters do not deserve to have a roof over their heads or food in their stomaches. What a evil piece of crap.
  • Grace Trevino
    I dont care what kind of upbringing you had when you were little. Normal folks dont murder their innocent babies! Dam if you are mad because your spouse divorced you or whatever don't take it out on your kids!! I have 2 words for him " FRY HIM "!! RIP LITTLE ANGELS 🙏🙏
  • Darlene Gurney
    He only cries when it’s about him, I just don’t think he has much remorse for what he did to his children.
  • My heart goes out to this Grandma, my grandmother was my best friend, I was 45 years old when she passed away, and three years later, I'm still broken hearted, I can't even imagine what this grandma is going through, if anything had ever happened to me, my grandmother would have lost herself, this beautiful woman here, she lost all five of her grandbabies, my heart goes out to her, she's one of the strongest people I've ever seen :-)
    Rest in peace to your beautiful grandbabies oh, I'm so sorry for what you're going through, I'm so sorry you lost your best friends!
  • Jag Girl
    Well, I doubt he can claim insanity after grandma's testimony. If anything, it proves he'd not insane. He knew what he was doing. Plenty of people grow up without a mother. They don't murder their children. She never thought he'd hurt his children. But he did..😞
  • Diane DeVos
    He wasn't insane, he was nothing but a man child who couldn't except any responsibility for his actions. Even granny can't save you this time, LITTLE Timmy.
  • Lou Carter
    As a grandmother, my heart breaks for this grandmother. It's clear that she loved those babies.
  • No Onespecial
    My heart just breaks for the family that this sick man destroyed.
  • Nita Boo
    Him not having a mother should have made him want to be a way better parent to his kids. STOP making excuses for murdering his kids Granny!!
  • There is a big difference between regret and remorse. Tim does not have remorse.
  • Eve
    Oh cry me a river! I went through more than this "monster" and I certainly didn't ever think to mass murder anybody, never mind my beautiful, baby boy, my life, my sunshine, my reason for being. He's 18 now but he'll always be my baby.
    Rest in paradise to these 5 innocent angels. 🙏❤️🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹👼
  • It's sad to know those children will never get to grow up and drive a car or get there first job or even get married and have there own family. No college or adventures in life that every kid dreams of . They looked like a real fun group of kids to be around and a blessing to have in your life. He didn't deserve to them.
  • M B
    Oh dear God when the grandma mentions Elis garden he asked her to help make and how he worked so hard on it All I could think is that poor sweet baby was so hungry!❤️Baby Eli and his siblings will never suffer or hunger again.
  • Kaylz
    Everybody has bad stuff happen to some degree granted some worse than others. I was physically, verbally and sexually assaulted as a child. My mother was too busy with her boyfriends but that didn’t make me hurt others. What has a photo got to do with the murder of five innocents? I love my babies. When I had my two precious children I swore never to repeat the abuse my mother inflicted on me. I never trusted anyone with my babies.
  • BeautyBae
    This entire truly upset me more than anything. We not only got to see the type of people these parents were but how they munched they really cared. We all go through tough things in this life but we CHOOSE our paths in life. We get to certain age and realize that WE have the power to not let our past make us into the adults we want to be.