Google Blob Opera - Children of The Omnissiah

Published 2022-11-15

Somehow the Omnissiah has favored me and blessed this video with the algorithm. If you have any other song requests, you could post em in the comment and I could try to recreate them. :D

Made a lot of modifications to Xiloscient's arrangement -

Google Blob Opera -…

I changed the arpeggio a little bit so it fits the choir vibe and to counter the limitations of Blob Opera.

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  • "From the moment I understood the weakness of my opera singers,
    It disgusted me. I craved the squish and certainty of Blobs. I aspired to the purity of the blessed Bass.
    You cling to your Tenors, as if they will not sing off key and fail you. One day the crude biomass you call Soprano will wither, and you will beg for my kind to sing for you. But I am already singing, For the blob opera is immortal...

    Even in death I serve the Opera house."
  • Jack Thomas
    The literal voice of the machine spirit singing.
  • Some Guy
    The collaboration I wasn't expecting. Seems a bit too fleshy for the toaster troop though
  • TheKenji2221
    As a Techpriest (aka: programmer), I approve this video
  • Erik Kusters
    This video has been blessed my the Omnissiah truly a shining machine spirit it has.
  • Exu
    I can feel the machine spirits of my phone and laptops vibrate in praise for this blessings
  • FanmaR
    Crazy to think this video could be an artifact in 40X years.
  • C H
    Funny thing is, this is probably how it would actually sound with their augments and all.
  • Esekiel Kleyer
    You know what we need?
    There is a video where an piano literally sounds like it's talking.
    We need it to do the Mechanicus intro!
  • Bless the Omnissiah! The machine spirits are good today, as they have sprung forth this masterpiece
  • pro skub
    This makes me want to go outside in cult robes slapping excerpt scripts on my neighbors contour as I pray to it; all the while he's coming outside to leave for work
  • legionaireb
    I played this and now my laptop is running more efficiently.

  • no body
    wow, so beautiful
    cant help but think that the blue one's anxious from being stared at by the others
  • CTM Creature
    Omnisiah be praised! The Machine Spirits sing thy praise!
  • Peter Yoble
    This blessed soul is doing the God-Emperor’s holy work. Praise the Omnissiah!