Ryan Reynolds, Gal Gadot & Dwayne Johnson Test How Well They Know Each Other | Vanity Fair Game Show

Published 2021-11-12
The cast of 'Red Notice,' Ryan Reynolds, Gal Gadot, and Dwayne Johnson, test who knows one another best in Vanity Fair's 'Red Notice' Game Show. They filmed a movie together, but how much do they actually know about each other? What is Ryan's biggest fear? If Dwayne wasn't an actor, what would he be doing for a living? Does Gal know what Ryan spends most of his money on?

RED NOTICE is in Select Theaters November 5, 2021 and on Netflix on November 12, 2021, www.netflix.com/rednotice

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Ryan Reynolds, Gal Gadot & Dwayne Johnson Test How Well They Know Each Other | Vanity Fair Game Show

All Comments (21)
  • barry allen
    I don't understand how Ryan is so funny, the guy literally cracks me up every time, such a likeable person.
  • Eclipsy Gaming
    ryan is at a point where he doesnt even have to try to make people laugh. Just being himself is enough
    dude cracks me up even before he gets to the punchline
  • Vanessa Staples
    Ryan in movie rehearsals “I don’t read the script, the script reads me”
  • Άγγε Ταβ
    I’m here for Ryan’s chaotic neutral energy. This guy’s pure gold !
  • Boltzz
    Ryan just plays himself in every movie.He has the same personality as all his characters
  • Hindes
    Ryan literally plays himself in most movies he’s just quirky like that so fun to watch
  • ragingfiip
    Hot Take: I feel like Ryan is funnier in real life than he is in his movies these days. I guess in these interviews, the comedy just seems to come more naturally and within the moment rather than sometimes feeling forced, scripted (obviously), or trying too hard in films. Just look at how many times he made Gal and DJ laugh in this video. Lol, he was hilarious
  • Dylbobz
    8:24 I love how he knows his daughter will refer to Dwayne as Maui 😂
  • doire aintu
    Ryan, Gal and Dwayn. The combination I didn’t know I wanted, but I’m glad exists. They’re just so perfect together.
  • The Second
    Every year, every motion picture, real or animated, Dwayne movie just hits box office. This man is movie's Midas.
  • Camille Harris
    I love the fact that Ryan and Gal have their legs crossed and Dwayne is man spreading. So classic
  • LEAA113
    Ryan is the coolest guy in Hollywood
  • Doug Brower
    A lovely interview. These situations can never be less than awkward, but they seem very relaxed and even look to be having a good time, which explains their good chemistry on-screen.
  • J.B. MacAdam
    These 3 wonderful people have a truly dynamic chemistry together. The movie 'Red Notice' was great! I am really looking forward to the sequel.
  • Dliy8_
    Ryan: "I highly doubt you are in their budget" 😂
  • Isa Belle
    i’m such a fan of the rock. i think he’s just the kind of guy who is good to everyone and always tries to do good in everything he does. he emits this air of positivity. seems like a humble guy too
  • Nanno
    Ryan's humor is simple but hilarious.
  • Ja Axiak
    Why does Dwayne always have great chemistry with his co stars. Always seems like best friends when he does interviews with them, must be a great guy
  • Matt Magayna
    As much as would normally think actors are always putting on a show in public, I'm getting the feeling the connection between these 3 is seriously genuine. This was fun to watch!