You Didn't Pay the Cheese Tax...

Published 2023-07-17

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  • @TheSteamedOne
    Tylers accent slowly getting worse is my favorite part
  • @allietiess
    I like how Mark is dissing Tyler's terrible accent while he himself is going full Monty Python 😂
  • @tipbgle
    Mark struggling to say Gloucester but actually getting a lot closer than Tyler's confidently wrong version was just so beautiful
  • @phobiawitch835
    Markiplier has such great voice work in this, I need to see him play in a Dungeons and Dragons podcast at some point. Can you imagine the hilarity that would ensue?
  • @js-cm9si
    1:00 That whole scene leading to Mark saying "I said poor, not diseased." made me laugh the hardest and loudest I have in a long time. Paired with the animation, it only got magnified. It was uncontrollable.
  • @apjtv2540
    As a resident of Gloucestershire (pronounced Glos-te-shear) allow me to add some extra details here:

    Yes, the Cheese Rolling is a thing we do every year. It's a tonne of fun, even if some people do end up in people's back gardens when they roll down the hill and don't stop at the bottom.

    Also, it was official until 2015, then it was banned on health and safety grounds. So now we just turn up and do it anyway, just without an ambulance.

    Welcome to Britain.

    Edit: changed pronunciation since people pointed out shire on its own emphasises the I sound rather than the ir sound.
  • @rrsbunker
    we need more hilarious animations of Markpliers and his friends
  • Markiplier looks likes he hasn’t slept for 2 days. Funny animation, I really hope for more of these!
  • @LarvaHeroes
    I didn't expect for Markiplier to release a fully animated video, but I'm all for it.
  • @GeoToni13
    As a Brit, this made me laugh so much. Esp with the peasent /diseased part! Almost choked on my food and Mark trying to pronounce Gloucester 🤣
    Amazing animation!
  • @peachypear8765
    I'm convinced mark and the crew are in a constant state of "fever dream." I'm all here for it.
  • Mark calling the knight a "sheriff" is totally unsurprising but also completely unexpected.
  • @Pudding404
    Mark to Tyler:
    "English, peasant. Do you speak it?!"
  • @ilwh
    Personally I think a series of these animations should be Marks next project lmao
  • @amurphy61497
    Bravo animators!!! You made that so much funnier than the original telling!!!
  • "I'm from the poor part, the part that doesn't get food" Freakin got me 🤣
  • Hearing them try to pronounce Gloucester frickin KILLED me 💀💀💀
  • @DarlingOrange
    Of course this was made by ToonCee, she always has such a way with her expressions, they’re always so dynamic and, well, expressive!
  • @mrforshadow
    These Markiplier animation videos are awesome!
  • @artiefofartie
    I love the way this is animated. For some reason, the part with Tyler trying to do a poor accent and Markiplier laughing was my favorite just for the way Mark's eyes are animated lol