Samsung's Handheld Windows XP Tablet from 2007

Published 2023-11-21
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Back in the late 2000s, the world was introduced to a new type of personal computer - the UMPC. Intended to fill a spot somewhere between PDAs and laptops, they were typically small handheld devices with a touchscreen. And I recently found one from Samsung that's never been opened before. So let's change that!

00:00 - Introduction & Backstory
02:18 - Unboxing
03:52 - Checking out the hardware
05:43 - Checking out the software
14:52 - Half-Life (of course)
20:49 - Outro

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All Comments (21)
  • @kabirwastaken
    you honestly deserve more love and recognition from the retro community

    keep making great videos
  • @Kalphalus
    Michael MJD, if you see this, thanks for being on the YouTube platform and giving years of entertainment! I have been watching for over 3 years, and your content always gets my interest, causes me to click it, and I always enjoy it. Thanks for making videos, thanks for being on the platform, and thanks for being awesome
  • @andresbravo2003
    Portable PCs has come a long way even I liked Windows XP more than ever.
  • @hclnet
    About 12 years ago I bought a used Q1Ultra P which was the last model and has a 1.2ghz core solo cpu. Gave it a boost in power over the atom based ones. I upgraded it to Windows 7 and used it as a network troubleshooting device. Wifi Radio scanners and such software. I used it for that for almost 10 years before retiring it for a smaller one of those pocket size PCs that were trendy a few years ago. Surprisingly it still carries a charge on the battery. As a handheld pc that I could map out wifi signals and having physical ethernet port for doing things like packet sniffing when troubleshooting networking gear it worked great. It has an extra slot that was meant for a cellular modem. I installed an upgraded wifi card and modified it with external antenna ports. Someone commented that I looked like a ghostbuster with a pke meter when I was doing a site survey once haha.
  • @allanalmeidapa
    The grandfather of Steam Deck, those umpc were designed to capture the pocketpc / palm on business side but failed on my opinion due to price and notebook with higher specs that were flooding at the time. Thanks for the video and keep up the good work.
  • @Trevor_2988
    These are pretty rare nowadays. Can't believe you found one brand new!
  • @funey9541
    love tablets like these! so surreal to think that a tablet would have fully fledged xp!
  • @FakestLoogi
    I discovered UMPCs a few months ago and they've fascinated me ever since. I find the concept of mushing a laptop into a pocket size really interesting and I liked to see how different manufacturers made these, especially with Sony's UMPCs. Unfortunately there's not many videos on Youtube covering these types of devices, so it's nice to see you release a video with the full unboxing experience, showing off everything!
  • @Krahemeister
    Damn, we almost got a Michael MJD face reveal for a hot second
  • @pancheezey
    I got this right out of highschool in 2007/8ish after doing hours of research to find something that suited what I needed. I had an early AT&T 3G dongle too and felt like I was living in the future considering this predated smart phones and tablets by years. This machine turned so many heads and was such a great investment back then. Saved me from so many hours of boredom because it was capable of so much in terms of media and gaming. Thanks for highlighting this little obscure slice of history with this wonderful video!
  • @LoneWanderer905
    man, the customization on this thing was WILD. I miss having that much control, especially over the hardware stuff like buttons.
  • @crispy_bedbug9
    i always love seeing unconventional computers like this, and i like seeing them run half life even more lol. great video!
  • @bhasitl
    I was waiting for a video from MJD and UMPCs/Tablet PCs are my favourite devices! Love it!
  • @WinPC99
    Hey man! I’ve bought several (and broken several) of these. For the battery, with it plugged in, remove and reinstall the battery. Make sure to slide the latch to lock it. I’ve gotten every one of my new in box ones to charge this way, even if they were stubborn.
    Beware that rear camera when removing the bottom. I have had a couple of casualties due to those…
  • @lazyboyghrol
    Super cool device and kind of like a proto- SteamDeck or ROG Ally. I miss some of the old form factors, like qwerty phones, so it's super thrilling to see them come back, even in a limited way.
  • I've been watching for a long time, and this brings me back. I remember staying up late watching your videos on old obsolete tech. Thank you for the dedication to this channel!
  • @StereoBucket
    When I saw the title and thumbnail I immediately got a desire to see Half-Life running on it... was really nice seeing you having the same idea.