Why I'm Extremely FRUGAL

Published 2022-05-20
10 reasons why I am extremely frugal.

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The biggest threat to your freedom in this world is consumerism. Consumerism is when you are constantly spending your money on material possessions thinking that they will add value in your life. The reality is that when you pursue this path, you are often met with high stress, long hours at work, and lack of freedom.There is one way, however, to fight the rising prices and over-consumption and it is through "frugality."

Frugality often gets confused with being cheap. People often think that when you are frugal, you are depriving yourself of things in life; however, people are wrong when they say this.

1. Being cheap is not spending your money and depriving yourself of things in life.

2. Frugality is managing your money carefully and not wasting anything.

Being frugal should be the norm in society because when you are frugal you end up saving more money and then you have more options in life. I have been frugal my entire life and this lifestyle has allowed me to do many things in my life. In this video I share 10 reasons why I am frugal.

"10 Reasons Why I Am Frugal"

Reason 1: I Don't Want to be Controlled By The Man

When you do not have much savings or are in debt you lose your options. You do not have as much control over your life's decisions and have to take orders from other people. Money = Options. I am frugal because I do not want my options to be controlled by other people.

Reason 2: I Don't Really Like Working

I do not want to spend the majority of my life staring at a computer screen and working 40 hours a week. I want to take breaks in my life and not have to work consistently until I am 65. I am frugal because I want to spend less time working and more time enjoying life.

Reason 3: I Don't Want to Spend My Life Figuring Out How to Pay Off Debt

Debt creates a lot of stress in people's lives and make them have to work hard to figure out how to pay off the debt. I would prefer to just be frugal and not get in debt in the first place, so I can spend my time doing things that are more important to me.

Reason 4: I Value Freedom Over Possessions

Once the bills are paid you can save the leftover money or spend it. When you are spending it you are getting a dose of dopamine, but when you are saving it, you are buying back a small piece of your freedom. I am frugal because I would prefer to save money and have more freedom in my life.

Reason 5: I Don't Want to Lose Appreciation

I have noticed that as I make more money in life that I can buy whatever I want, but I am losing appreciation when I get something. I try to limit myself on things like eating out or treating myself because I want them to remain treats. I am frugal because I don't want to lose appreciation over things.

Reason 6: I'm Not That Smart

I do not have an idea that will make me a million dollars and become financially independent. That said, being smart is not necessary because you can save a lot of money by being frugal.

Reason 7: I Don't Want My Life to Revolve Around Money

When you do not have money, you have to make decisions based on if you have the money. I make decisions every single day to save money by being frugal, but when the time comes to get something I want I don't hesitate because I know I have the money.

Reason 8: I Don't Want to be Rich

Being rich is when you decide to start looking externally for happiness and use the possessions to create a status for you. This can lead to a toxic ego. I am frugal because I do not want money to change the way I view myself and others.

Reason 9: I Like Simplicity

I prefer to live a simple life with less stuff and less financial clutter. Frugality is a lifestyle that allows me to live a simple live without a bunch of worries.

Reason 10: I Care About My Future Self

Most people do not realize how much of an effect money has over their lives. Every decision, good or bad, will affect your future self in some way. When you make poor financial choices the only person you are hurting is yourself. I am frugal because I want to look out after my future self and not make decisions that will make life harder in the future.

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  • @mozar5175
    This young man is so right. I am 59 and always lived a frugal life. Many people thought I was « cheap » and I didn’t care. I saved more than a couple of million dollars and I didn’t need to work at age 50. I now do real estate consulting only on mandates that I like. More recently with a lot of inflation, my wife and I rarely go to a restaurant. $20 for a pizza and $12 for a 5 oz glass of wine is too expensive. We cook excellent food at home, eat on our outside balcony and we’re happy. We’ve done many trips abroad and came to realize that there is nothing like our home. I don’t play golf anymore but I ride 30 to 50 miles on my electric bike on country side trails through corn fields and tree covered trails. I stop by a lake, eat my lunch and ride bike. My life is simple, we are happy like that.
  • @rsn7847
    Finally someone said it loud and clear “I DON’T LIKE TO WORK” thank u for your honesty
  • @balrajsingh776
    "I don't really like working." Spot on brother, so simple, so genius.
  • @painuchiha2694
    Having less things is less stressful Less things to move around,more money saved,more freedom
  • @ra78100
    I am 68 and retired, saved my entire life for my retirement. Most of my friends spent so much that now they are struggling. People don’t think about the future
  • I work in long-term care. I see multitudes of people that spend a lifetime accumulating stuff and the end of their life getting rid of it.
  • @mariavarnava3064
    One Russian priest said: if we analyze our life, we will see, that we wake up thinking/worrying about money, we spend our whole day working to earn money, and when we go to bed we are thinking/worrying about money again. How sad is that!!!
  • @eljaguar4789
    I have been screaming this message to everyone around me and nobody seems to understand. Thanks a million
  • @xxxs8309
    Nothing beats personal freedom and not having to work for a living
  • @daviddean6032
    Hello Austin Williams: I'm 63 years old. I've learned to appreciate and embrace being frugal. I've embraced a simple life and I do not want to be rich and that helps my mind. I just want to be comfortable. Everyone thinks being frugal is cheap. Wrong. The tips I have for myself to remain faithfully frugal: 1. Cook delicious healthy meals at home and make enough for another meal or two. 2. I use Youtube for entertainment. 3. I buy brand-name clothing at discount stores. 4. If someone invites me out to dinner I then invite him or her to my place for a homecooked meal. 5. I don't smoke and only have red wine as a special treat. 6. I don't drive and buy bus tickets but normally walk everywhere. As good as joining a gym and keeps me trim and happy. 7. I buy discounted food. For example, a bag of apples had one bad one and I got the bag half price. 8. Canned sardines and kippers are cheap, nutritious, and quick. I eat two cans a week at least. 9. Lentils and beans are my main protein and I use cooked chicken as protein. 10. I eat an egg every day. 11. I freeze tomatoes to use in soups. 12. All my reading material is from the library. 13. I use white vinegar for most of my cleaning. 14. If I'm lonely instead of going to a bar I go for a walk and talk up other walkers. It feels great. 15. I make greek yogurt in my Instant Pot. 16. A thick smoothie can contain carrots, blueberries, chia seeds, and almond milk. 17. I give money to the homeless. 18. I write many thank you cards monthly. 19. I help others who can't help me back. 20. I remain cheerful and grateful.
  • @pishi1990
    I love the “its 10,000 one dollar decisions” so true - its always the little things.
  • @pachk627
    I was frugal for like 40 years but kinda lost that recently when I experienced the loss of a family member. I feel like consuming was a way of coping... Thanks for this video, it is a good reminder of my core values. I'm slowly going back to frugality.
  • @rednoseplaya
    I filed for bankruptcy, divorced my wife, sold my $170k house and moved into a 82' trailer, back in 07'. Had nothing for retirement at 40 yoa. Lived very frugally for years, while I saved for my future. Currently 60' yoa with 3.5 million. Oh, yes I now live in a $600k home. Just focus and set your priorities!
  • @kronos4136
    I never thought I would EVER find another human being who thinks identical to myself about so many things.
  • @angelaberni8873
    He is absolutely spot on !!!! I'm 70 years old and consider myself a wise old owl. So from a wise old owl ,here are my tips. First and foremost find a wife/husband/partner on your same wavelength. Never go into debt. Work and save while you are young and try to retire between 40-50. Get off grid as much as possible. Get out of cities,fast. Grow your own and keep chickens. Don't have too many children. Buy quality and only once. Buy only what you truly love,that way you will always love it and not look to replace it. Waste NOTHING and recycle everything. If you are thinking of setting up home buy from second hand places. You will find better quality and will have things not only for next to nothing,but unique things that no one else has. Keep away from shops and supermarkets as much as possible. Not only will you be spending less on stuff that you don't need,but you will be eating healthier. Of course you need to go there sometimes, but load up when good offers are on and store non perishables. Perishables can be frozen. Get yourselves some decent sized freezers. Make lots of large quantities of soups etc etc in the summer months when vegetables are cheap and freeze. I could go on and on. This system of consumerism had been carefully planned over many decades to keep people poor and to make " them",those who TRULY rule the world rich. By doing this 'they' have taken away one of our most precious things....TIME !!! Time for US, time for YOU and your families. Always make time for you and for those who are important to you. Get out of the rat race and start living !!! I love you all and understand your difficulties and i deeply sympathise. If you are unhappy with your situation and feel that expenses are just too much,move to another country where its warmer and the cost of living is much cheaper. NEVER EVER DESPAIR as there is always a solution to everything. We moved to Costa del Sol in southern Spain and in 15 years here have never had to put on the central heating in the house,only a log burner now and again. I do all of the above and genuinely care for people. ❤
  • Yes. My time and my freedom are everything to me. Instant gratification isn't sustainable.
  • You got me at “I don’t like working “….I subscribed. Great video!
  • @user-wg5xl9vo8u
    This man is my idol. I am consumed by consumerism. I’ve wasted thousands in my life. Money I wish I still had.
  • I´ve doing the same for ages. I truly believe that the more frugal someone is, the more freedom they will have in their lives.