Curve Goals That SHOCKED The World

Published 2022-06-30
Curve Goals That SHOCKED The World

Watch in this video the legendary and unforgettable goals of football.

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  • simon eyork
    This goal by Roberto Carlos is more then just a curve penalty goal, this is the hardest precision long distance goal ever, it’s also very accurate. This to me is the goal of the century.
  • Radim M
    Carloses' goal is the biggest overkill goal in the history of football, seriously doubt that anyone will ever beat this shot in it's brute force, distance and accuracy that it has.
  • Meth0z
    Roberto Carlos's goal is most definitely my favorite ALL time free shot goal.. it's just insane how far away it was and how hard he kicked it and with freaking pinpoint accuracy.. insane
  • Simon C
    That Roberto Carlos goal is my favorite goal of all time. I remember watching it live as a kid and I think it contributed to my falling in love with the game. 😍
  • Leonardo Gazio
    Eu já tava puto aqui achando que não ia mostra o do Roberto Carlos kkk, merecidamente o primeiro lugar, pra mim o gol mais foda da história! E não foi só esse não, Roberto Carlos fez vários gols desse tipo, o cara é lenda viva!
  • Henry Stranz
    Esse do Roberto Carlos é o gol de falta mais foda, clássico e insuperável do futebol
  • shevanka niral
    Roberto Carlos goal unmatched. Best goal in the history of football❤
  • martyg123
    Going back a bit, but Liam Brady’s goal against spurs in 78/79 was goal of the season: outrageous skills. Also Ronnie Whelan’s curler for Liverpool won them the League Cup in ‘82.
  • Googl Reviews
    Great choices, that #1 Roberto Carlos remains my favorite free kick of all time, though there were couple others in this video that were just as worthy. Pleasure to watch. 👍
  • Big-Browski
    To vendo isso um dia drops que o Brasil foi eliminado pela Croácia. Que saudade daqueles tempos, espero que o futebol Brasileiro volte a ser oque era.
  • Taurean Clarke
    The goaltender in the green/yellow jersey's' expression is priceless. He's just looking out to the rest of his teammates and saying "Are you guys expecting me to save that? Did you not see the curved trajectory of that shot?"
  • Fabio Prazeres
    O gol do Branco na copa de 94 também fez uma linda curva...
  • Ben Edwards
    Quaresma with 2 Trivela's in there. He was the master of that and was probably more talented than Ronaldo when they both came onto the scene, but Ronaldo's desire and work ethic took him to be one of the greatest. I used to love watching Quaresma play when he was on form.
  • majdq8
    I was watching the game with the #1 goal live! I'll never forget that goal by Roberto Carlos!
  • #8 was really one of the best. Right up there with #1. To flick a shot with the outside of the foot at that pace was incredible.
  • The good old days, when there were long shots! Today everyone wants to carry the ball into the goal.