The New Phase Of The War In Ukraine

Published 2022-07-01
Who is actually winning the war in Ukraine has changed almost weekly. Just five months ago, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine looked very different. Putin launched a three-prong nation-wide assault, raining down cruise missiles, surrounding the capital and taking small villages and towns. But very quickly, Ukrainian forces held their defense lines and forced the Russians, who had come unprepared for a long fight, to pull back. Now, the war is a battle of positions, with the Ukrainian forces on the defensive in the Donbas region, trying to slow the Russian advance down. VICE News travels to the Kharkiv and Donbas regions of Eastern Ukraine to gain a clearer understanding of an ever-changing and volatile frontline in one of the world’s most brutal ongoing conflicts.

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All Comments (21)
  • Tosh Sokukawa
    I met the Canadian Ukrainian volunteer Denys at my neighbourhood pub and he was a regular there. We've all been wondering where he's been since the war broke out and he went missing (one could assume) and now he shows up on the Vice video I'm watching. Mind Blown
  • Mike Graham
    I gotta give props to the crew filming this. It's becoming more difficult to find info on what's going on in Ukraine since Americans' attention is being shifted. Although this is still the most important situation going on that will effect Americans in the coming near and long term future.
  • Oscar H
    This dude literally getting shelled on and keeping his composure like nothings happening. Mad respect to this reporter. Praying for the soldiers, civilians, and all of Ukraine.
  • Danish Meman
    The VICE crew deserves some serious respect for their reporting and willingness to go right into the heart of the battle.
  • Papa Smurph
    The fact this is actually happening is heartbreaking, but it also puts into perspective all the other countries that have been in similar situations not just Ukraine
  • badfish5447link
    I feel so bad for the old lady. I just think of my grandma having to deal with something like this. Its just awful
  • Whole Lotta Nope
    "it has to end. It can't last forever" hit me like a freight train. This is so incredibly sad to witness.
  • Nischal Regmi
    Hats off to the effort and courage of the journalist who risked their life to give us the view of whats happening in the war😮
  • Gaetano DiNardi
    This is heartbreaking. Props to the Vice journalists covering the war. Balls of steel, no doubt.
  • Thndr_
    This footage is bringing us closer to the war than ever before. Thanks for risking your life to get this amazing documentary!
  • Oh oi boi
    Showing respect for an enemy's dead by sending them home Is honorable and such a sign of respect to the dead and the living (words fall short in the true value of the act). I wonder if the enemy is just dumping them... To hide evidence of what's going on. I believe the truth will be made known either way to those that lost loved ones for Russia or any nation led by its own selfish ambitions....the pain of loss through deceit and lies will only rot a citizens trust in it's country when discovered and it will spread quickly among it's people who will desire retribution.
  • saldanagaona
    I recall years ago in undergrad watching yall cover the war along the border while in one of my classes. I was a Poli Sci major and I told my peers this is good journalism this is something to keep an eye on. I also recall Russian professors visiting from Moscow they didn’t appreciate that we challenged them in the Q&A portion of the panel and were deeply offended our university did not intervene and informed them that is the western college experience to encourage to challenge everything and test it over and over. Needless to say the Russians never came back or at least those ones didn’t.
  • Mark Raphael
    Outstanding coverage. No sensational rhetoric, just the cold, grim reality of ordinary people living through an extraordinarily brutal war.
  • Victoria
    Please people in this world, be thankful for your life every morning you wake up.
    I remember as a child being very happy to live in independent Ukraine and being Ukrainian. I was happy that all the wars were over. There is not a single family here whose grandparents and relatives did not suffer from World War II and the Moscow regime decades ago so every time looking at the warm sun in the middle of the garden I was feeling the truest happiness as a child. It is just an incredible memory, where it was impossible to believe that the war would come again. There are hard years ahead for my country and for the world too. Please stay human, remember that life can change negatively at any time. Please support Ukraine, if not financially, then with sharing truthful information, don't let russian propaganda swallow the opinions of your entourage. Remember all of our brave military men and women fighting for the truth. Please fight for truth, freedom and kindness in every situation of your life and always stay safe. Love from Ukraine to every heart in this world ❤️
  • Erin Giumento
    This breaks my heart and I pray for every Ukrainian that’s defending the country.
  • Mad Mady
    I almost burst into tears when the old woman fed her cat and said “hey baby boy come here”
    The idea of abandoning my pets to flee my home for fear of death is heart breaking.
    My heart aches for all the cats, dogs and other pets who have been left scared and confused because their humans had to flee.
    Fucking horrible.
  • I was gone through this situation 😭 when I was only 10 years only, I witnessed in Somalia when İthiopia invaded us in 2007, I can remember and feel deeply what they are going through!
  • Coriolan
    Excellent coverage! Thank you. A very sad story of a very brave people defending their homeland.
  • My
    Ben Solomon, hats off to you for your brave and meaningful reporting; placing your life in harm's way in order for the world to understand the truth in Ukraine.
    Outstanding reporting and assessment of the current situation as a whole.
  • totakikay
    Every day and year since 2014 I never stopped thinking about Ukraine and it’s people. Since February 2022 I have been so saddened and concerned- This war must end, it can’t stay this way 💔🕊