WORST jumpscare in YEARS [Fears To Fathom: Carson House]

Published 2023-03-12

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  • E. G.
    I like how sometimes cory gets jumpscared so hard he doesn't even scream. He just sits there like he's reflecting on the consequences of his actions.
  • Emmey the God
    Cory’s dirty jokes are getting better 😂😂😂
  • Star Roblox!
    25:26 the fact cory kept on trying to turn even though the car was coming is so funny had my stomach hurting
  • Fun fact you can actually see her leaving the grocery store as soon as you arrive, I think that's how she follows you.
  • JustSlim
    15:41 I love how Cory went straight back into freestyling not too long after he got jumpscared 😂
  • YuB
    take a shot everytime he says "welcome"
  • cory’s videos are really the definition of “quality over quantity”
  • Anarchy FGC
    55:01 the music change and Cory’s face running to the stairs was my thoughts inside 💀💀 that was literally more intense than any horror movie could ever be
  • F0rRe4l
    7:02 lmao cory really pushing the limits on these family friendly jokes 😂
  • scrrsco
    cory’s screams are scaring me more than the game 😭😭
  • Aafia Amir
    Watching Cory playing horror games on a sunny or rainy day while crocheting is just 😌✨
    Cory realizing it’s Berleezy voice before Berleezy realized it was his own voice is hilarious yet wholesome to me 😂
  • Just Living
    One day these jump scares are gonna make my heart stop 💀
  • Soul Man
    Cory looking like a whole rookie out here. Clutching them pearls
  • ok
    I like this chapter. When you start off you think Roy is the killer. But end up being your ex and not to mention the mic recording mechanic when trying to escape is totally unexpected
  • Cory's little Computer Science moments is so funny and awesome 😂♥️
  • pluto
    only cory can make an hour long vid feel like 10 minutes
  • Seth
    Props to Dee's Nuts for helping us with the guide to become better people