The Internet is Worse Than Ever – Now What?

Published 2023-11-29
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In 2022 nearly half of Americans expected a civil war in the next few years, one in five now believes political violence is justified. And it is not just the US but around the world. People increasingly see themselves as part of opposing teams.

There are many different reasons for this, but one gets blamed a lot: social media. Social media divides us, makes us more extreme and less empathetic, it riles us up or sucks us into doom scrolling, making us stressed and depressed. It feels like we need to touch grass and escape to the real world.

New research shows that we might have largely misinterpreted why this is the case. It turns out that the social media internet may uniquely undermine the way our brains work but not in the way you think.


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  • @kurzgesagt
    Go to to compare news coverage from around the world and across the political spectrum to get a well-rounded view on important issues.
  • @smartereveryday
    "One model that seemed to work well was the pre social media internet OLD people might remember." SHOTS FIRED Great video, and I enjoyed the ad at the end.
  • @i_like_orange_f
    “Unfortunately, your brain is stupid” I 100% agree. Thank you Kurzgesagt.
  • @KoongYe
    The curse of the internet is having to know what I don't need to know, and be angry abouth things I don't need to be angry about.
  • Deleted all my social media off my phone. Deleted YouTube as an app. I still have access to it, but I force myself to have to hop on my computer in order to see what I want to. Works like a charm, I’m happier and now I have more time for the things I’m interested in.
  • @KodakYarr
    The most annoying thing is being acutely aware of all of this and seeing it happen without any agency whatsoever.
  • @cu6307
    I find it absolutely bizarre that parents are willing to put an iPad or phone in a baby's face and let them scroll endlessly through TikTok. I genuinely worry about what this effect will have on future generations.
  • I think the worst thing about social media is when you begin to realize how narcissistic and egotistical people become when they're behind a screen. You ironically see more flaws in humanity despite only seeing people's highlight reels.
  • @janelle9531
    i think another problem is how, during covid, the internet/social media switched from being something we all use when we want to use it to being something we're all dependent on for work, school, communicating with others, etc. i honestly feel like everything becoming more convenient by being able to do it all on the internet has kinda changed how we live everyday life for the worse
  • @notaburner3918
    My mom always taught me that it's no one person's responsibility to fix the world, but it's everyone's responsibility to not make it worse.
  • @SrPelo
    I remember loving forums or sites with "affiliate" banners, you could jump site to site! Social media was a mistake
  • @user-tl4uc6sk2i
    This is why I deleted Tik Tok and Instagram, only kept snapchat to message friends and only use youtube for informational videos. Once I started spending my time reading, going outside and practicing self care, I found self love and feel smarter.
  • @diagojonathan
    Social media always makes me angry especially instegram and YouTube short it's just full of toxic people that try to advertise their political views that I don't give a damn about
  • Had this problem when I was stuck inside for a few years and didn't really socialize IRL. Then when I got a job and talked to a lot of people I was extremely pleasantly surprised that people are actually normal. Being perpetually online, or even just thinking that the online world is representative of the real one, is such a hellish trap, and you might not even realize it.
  • @Amuztak
    Social media makes you even angry at people irl, thinking they're constantly biased and against your opinions and makes you be defensive all the time. When you talk to real people in real life in real places, you realize people are not that evil or aggressive (except for some crazy people out there) and you can actually cooperate with them even if you don't share any opinions because they're actually normal people who are not that extreme. Call it facade, call it whatever, but it's safer outside than inside social media.
  • A drama is currently unfolding in a fandom i love, and i am of the opinion that is widely considered the "wrong one" within that drama. All the fighting and all the opinions were genuinely stressing me out so much... And i don't think YouTube could have recommended me a better video. It genuinely resonates with me so much. Maybe it's because it gives me a logical reason as to WHY I'm so upset about this... But it's like I'm getting closure. So, thanks for making me feel slightly better about this whole thing.
  • @caizacant
    I need a t-shirt that says “your brain is stupid”
  • @dragonplant
    i actually really hope the internet "devolves" into its earlier state - connections with people online felt more real, and everything seemed nicer and more passionate. now its a massive cesspool that more often than not makes you angry or sad. maybe we can revive old era internet
  • @plr2473
    As a public school teacher, in a district where all the kids have learnt to use a smart device before a pencil, I can tell you that the Internet has messed up today's youth. I've been teaching for 20+ years, and kids nowadays cannot focus like before, get anxiety when separated from their devices, and feel more awkward in their skin due to a sense of reality that is warped by social media. It's terrible to see this shift and makes our lives as educators harder.
  • This is why debate is so important. Logic and reason combined with perspective is the way forward. Looking at both sides of the same veiw.