Wii Reacts and Analyses the Mario Movie Poster

Published 2022-10-04

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  • SuperWiiBros08
    So Mario's face got leaked by a McDonald's employee, a day before the trailer reveal lmao
  • PPNJ
    Imagine how normal Mario’s body looks and he turns around and has a photorealistic Chris Pratt face!
  • Josh_DNVG
    At this point.
    The Mario Movie will either be the best or ironically disastrous video game movie ever.
  • Queen Cancerous
    This movie probably has a bigger budget than most Illumination movies from the poster alone, it looks almost Pixar quality
  • filthred
    The pipes on the poster are just like that one Windows Screensaver with a lot of multicolored lines generating LOL
  • Meggyboy64
    I am now even more excited for the movie right now after seeing this
  • Alvaro Perez
    I’m curious to see where they’ll go with this.
  • OJ Juice
    Basically my reaction to all of this in a nutshell...
    This Movie is looking way better than I expected it to be!! I'm crossing my fingers so hard for this movie to be something special just gotta here Crisp Rat and everyone else voices and then will be good to go!! Great vid!! 👍
  • Toyodasoda
    i can't believe they hired that man
  • IDK
    Mario looks a bit off but after staring at this image for way longer than I should've, I can safely assume that's because they made him less fat for some reason
  • Tom
    Mario kinda looks like a plushie
  • Pepsiman_fan
    I love watching superwiibros reacting to things its so funny with the addition of sound effects
  • the_prado
    I’m more excited for the reactions of the trailer than the trailer itself. Am i the only one?
  • Big Bug
    I mean it looks very clean and sterile like we expected. Ill wait until i hear them talk
  • BenjaMan64
    I can't believe you didn't point out the Yoshi Egg near the Antiques Store, next to the blue Toad.