Starfield Mods Weekly #3 - Better Dialogue, Enhanced FX, Stealth Overhaul

Published 2023-09-17
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EXE - Effect Textures Enhanced
Stealth Overhaul…
Real Flashlight
Dark Mode for Terminals
Scanner Encumbrance Display With Time…
Better Dialogue Controls…
Simply Faster Ladders…
(probable) Caffeine Molecule Fix…
CRT - Andreja…
Supervisor Lin Cleanface…
Visible Skills Descriptions…
Responsive Grabbing
Hold To Equip Extended…

All Comments (21)
  • @awdsqe123
    That caffeine fix mod is essential, fixes a deep flaw in the immersion.
  • @leoj8633
    you can tell that henry is in his own element in these reviews.
    It's immersive!
  • @jackwong5816
    Author of EXE here, thanks a lot for showcasing it in your video. Just a heads up I have a huge update coming that nearly doubles the number of things the mod covers, and reworks some of the existing stuff in the mod to make it even crisper and befitting.
  • i'm not even playing starfield and i can't stop watching the videos. the nostalgia... is overwhelmingly immersive. lol
  • @gviirus2487
    I never realized how much I truly missed this channel. The memories are coming back.

    Great stuff lord immersion
  • @eloso2225
    So good to have Henry back doing mod reviews. Feels like seeing a childhood friend after many years ❤
  • 5:19 The bucket is now used on the item to hit it off the shelf and then scoot the item you want to take along the floor with the bucket to a better location to acquire the item without prying eyes.
  • @cartridgepad
    As usual you are pointing out all of the stuff that should have been in the game when it came out.great stuff
  • @wonkatar2813
    missed your mxr mods weekly, used to always look forward to your content! the mods, the jokes, and the useful/cool/sloot mods were always interesting to check out even as a console player.
  • @Yan_Rasso
    It’s nice to see lord immersion back at it again with a new game.❤
  • @kamikaze00007
    MxR's content is a whole entire brand of entertainment at this point. You don't even need to have the game to feel entertained and most importantly, feel IMMERSIVE...
  • @Geek0ftheWeek
    Somehow having Henry returning to mod reviews makes the world seem a little less dark than it was
  • @CrazyTrain514
    I watch these videos as a way to know when there are enough caffeine mods to warrant me actually buying the game. Keep up the good work.
  • @michael2968
    The real immersion was the friends we made along the way
  • Hey Henry I just wanna say I haven't even played Starfield (yet) but I love your OG videos on this channel and I know the Youtube struggles you and Jeannie are going thru so I'm watching and liking every single one of these <3 Also! I feel I should mention these videos DO show up on my recommended! So Youtube hasn't totally blacklisted you here which is awesome :)
  • Don’t worry MXR, you can still grab other, non-stolen objects and use them to push the object you want into the closet so you can grab it. If there’s a bucket or something nearby you can even make yourself a makeshift stealing cart.