Inside Teresa Giudice's WEDDING to Louie Ruelas!

Published 2022-08-08
ET has new details about Teresa Giudice and Louie Ruelas' wedding! See which ‘Real Housewives’ stars attended and learn how the newlyweds celebrated their big day. Teresa and Louie began dating in 2020 and became engaged the following year. It’s the second marriage for both.

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  • Lane Kelly
    She is the official Italian Marge Simpson. Too damn funny
  • Jennifer Mapp
    Am very sad that Tersea only brother did not attend her wedding it's such a shame and am sure there parents would be turning in there graves😔🇬🇧
  • Teresa needs to fire her stylist that hair belongs back in 1980 and it belongs to BIG FAT Gypsy wedding. The wig/hair piece looks ridiculous. She is going to be SO embarrassed when she looks at these pics in a few years time.
  • The Business
    Loui really played it well... I have to respect him for such an excellent game of chess... He did what he needed to do to secure his future.
  • Nicholas garrick
    Congratulations to the both of them wish then lots of happiness on their journey of marriage👰‍♀️🤵‍♂️💍 🎉🎊💖
  • God Made
    I love how even though she gets older she still takes good care of herself and her daughters being more youthful and so pretty she's never envious of them lot of moms can be
  • Hollz
    Wait... I didn't even know her marriage w Joe was over? Oh my I'm behind lmao
  • Shunning Shy
    This made my day I’m so excited to see Wht the future holds for them awww beautiful congratulations 🍾
  • Shanica Brodie
    Happy for her !! But was hoping to see her family there besides her daughter. I do hope they can come together again because from the outside looking in, they are all very passionate people when it comes to love and loyalty…they just have a different way of expressing it.
    Such a smart woman, she cares more about the fans than their own brother
  • MrJanussary
    I don't think it's an OTT expensive wedding just something for the cameras!!! However I am extremely genuinely happy for her and Luis because that's all that really matters not the actual ceremony!!!
  • charlita25
    Congratulations Teresa & Luis 💍🇮🇹
  • Maritza Valencia
    I’m wondering what lead Joe Gorga to not attend her wedding. He’s basically her only immediate family left besides Teresa’s daughters. I’m saddened to know he didn’t walk her down the aisle.