Waiting on God's Timing, Part 1 – Charles F. Stanley

Published 2014-12-03
Broadcast for the week beginning November 30, 2014.

God loves us and desires to meet the needs of our lives. He promises to answer our prayers, but not always according to our timing or method. Dr. Stanley reminds us that waiting on the Lord is a vital principle for every Christian. God, above all others, knows when the timing is right for His perfect plan to go into action. After all, He knows our lives from beginning to end, so He knows exactly where we are at this moment.

For more on this topic, read the article at bit.ly/30lps14. For more messages from Charles Stanley, including this week's broadcast, go to www.intouch.org/watch

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  • @Dngk
    My name is Grace. I request everyone here to pray for me. I live alone, all by myself, separated from my family ever since my Mommy passed away 😭I am 37 already and not married yet. Waiting for God to send me the one he's ordained for me ASAP. I feel so lonely and miss my Mommy so much😭😭. I cant get over the pain of losing her. She was my strength and weakness both. I don't have anyone who I can rely on or share my pain with. No friends no relatives. I am an introvert and don't socialise much. Appreciate your prayers! Praise the Lord!
  • @kathylandry9860
    I’ve been listening to him for 38 years, he saved my marriage and he is a Blessing to all.
  • @mdlamerica2754
    Sitting here alone tonight in front of my computer with tears streaming down my face. This was the confirmation I had been asking God for to my question of "does He still care and love me in spite of me screwing things up so badly in my life?". Thank you Lord Jesus for your Mercy and Grace and Your perfect timing. And lastly Lord, please increase the days of Pastor Stanley as we love him so very much.... In Jesus precious name... Amen
  • @Mai-id4fw
    “You don’t have to worry losing anything that God has for you” amen!!!!!! ✨🙏🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼
  • I’am 75 an being a Christian every since I was 13.An I can truly say I have never had minister touch my soul an HEART like Brother Charles Stanley .AMEN
  • @UznneVlogs
    These sermons have changed my life. I love this one specifically.
  • I had never asked Him about His plan in my life, until my life were start crumbling apart.. Had to learn it in the hard way, but Praise the Lord, He never give up on me.
  • @francy2127
    I just turned 63 & only now I bought my first retirement home. I prayed to the Holy Spirit to give me right decision the right home that I can afford .. yes I trusted God .. but it took years 🙏
  • @Claudiaomg
    Rest in Peace Pastor Charle🌺💐💖
  • @beccareul
    I am waiting on the Lord, and I pray that everyone learns patience because God’s timing is perfect.
  • @ambition112
    0:07: 💡 Waiting upon God's timing is a vital principle in our relationship with Him and living out His plan.
    5:17: ⏰ Waiting on the Lord is essential for walking in His will and timing.
    10:48: ⏳ Waiting on God's timing and plan is essential for success.
    16:08: 🙏 Waiting for God's will and timing brings peace, happiness, and joy in life.
    20:52: ⏳ God has a plan for our lives and timing is important in receiving His direction.
    25:40: 💡 Waiting for God's direction and counsel is essential to avoid losing what He has for us.
    30:38: ⏰ God's timing is perfect and we need to trust Him even when we can't see the blessings.
    35:30: ⏳ Waiting for God's timing requires patience, trust, and obedience.
    40:48: 🙏 God is willing to forgive and give a new beginning to anyone who confesses their dependence on Him.
    Recap by Tammy AI with useful time stamps =) Thanks God for loving us all!!
  • @JustanotherLisa
    Thank you Lord for Charles Stanley. Watching him by accident one Sunday morning when I couldn’t sleep, brought me to salvation. God is truly good all the time. All is perfect in His time, not mine.
  • How God has used Dr Stanley to reach people for God's glory over all these yrs! What an obedient servant Dr. STANLEY IS! He has been a blessing to me all these yrs! Thanks for your faithfulness to God our Lord Jesus Christ, the only True God!
  • @kennethMblake
    Thank God for Dr. Stanley. This message helped me though a very difficult time. May he rest in The Lord in peace.
  • "If you have messed it up this long, at least end right" Wow! Hope is never lost! Thank you Charles Stanley
  • @elip1746
    This is what I have heard

    - Wait patiently for God’s plan
    - Do things in God’s way
    - Make wise decisions
    - Be productive while waiting
    - Trust God
    - Don’t do things your ways
  • @emanuelaamy8005
    Dear Lord pls give me strengths so I can be able to wait on ur timing 😢