Our New Whaly Boat! Maiden Voyage in Rough Seas

Published 2021-09-13
Our newest addition to the Los Buzos fleet. This Whaly 455 is a 100% Rotomoulded Polyethylene 14.8ft boat. We plan to use it for short distance trips, kayak overwatch, and supplying bait and other assistance to kayakers when fishing around Vaca. This is our first time launching a boat on a trailer from the beach, we are learning with this as we go and had a blast doing it... check out how it goes!

Pretty impressed by this thing, seems to be a perfect addition for close range fishing and security. It should be virtually unsinkable and is very easy to manage in the surf. Let me know what you think of this thing and if you think this boat would fit your needs!

If you want one for yourself, check out Nautical Ventures!

To book a trip with us check out our website losbuzos.com and send an email to [email protected] to confirm your spot!

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  • @yaksauce
    Rotomolded plastic boats are the killer-app for watercraft. Inherently buoyant (unsinkable), inherently anti-fouling (no marine biota consumes it), lightweight, inexpensive, built-ins friendly, and easy to repair holes if stranded on a deserted island (just need a magnifying glass, a plastic bottle, and sun). Whaley’s not the first RMP boat, but looks like a great boat to have and to hold.
  • To make launch and retrieval easy, re-engineer the trailer to what's called a hinged trailer. Extend the drawbar and hinge it twelve inches past the trailer chassis V. The V will now be formed into a down facing channel, at this point a sliding tongue is required on the drawbar to lock the chassis. In retrieval, when winch pressure is applied the unlocked chassis will hinge up, in doing so will lower the rear of the trailer to form a ramp. This also aids in a soft launch. In Australia this style of trailer was all the rage for small boats in the 70s and 80s. Most people are amazed to see it in operation, I hope this helps. Cheers
  • @xredbull1xx
    Have been running whaly boats for arround 3 years now at my saling school, they all struggle a little to get on plane and putting people more forward while trying to plane it and then making them sit mid ship has worked good for us.
  • I purchased a rear 5000lb winch to pull the whaly out of these types of situations. So versatile! And it looks cool using a winch to hook up out of the ocean. #teamrustsucks
  • @markspahr242
    Add a hydro foil to the 40hp.
    Will increase stability and help with porpoising. Boat is Uber cool!!
  • I've just ordered one getting it here in the UK end of November 👌 seems like the perfect dinghy for my camping and fishing trips
  • @linneytoo
    You guys are hilarious! Love it. Guys being guys!
  • I own one of these boats but the 500 r model, there a very capable little boat. I use it commercially to carry cargo. I've seen them carry 2000kg in calm weather if your brave or mad enough and 1300kg in weather conditions that your out in.

    I've had 600kg in 40mph winds you get a good soaking but the boat is stable enough
  • @jerryodom7358
    These boats would be better if they came as stick steer option so driver can ride up front for better weight distribution, vision and control.
  • @ivansamus8915
    Экстремальное путешествие , можно стать кормом для акул , но очень интересно , молодцы .
  • Wider tyres (or deflated a bit) and don't be afraid to get the trailer wet. Whally boats are great but they are fairly heavy. You won't have that many hands all the time. enjoy, enjoy.
  • @mikearnie1
    Awesome video!
    This has me sold on a whaly. Thanks for sharing
  • Looks like the palm log method of launching might be better than the trailer. I launched lots of pangas from the beach in Costa Rica by pushing them on logs. How heavy is that boat compared to pangas? It seems like it should be lighter and easier to push.
  • @jimquantic
    Smart move to take the trailer off at the tongue, then tilt it way up to begin the retrieve. Much easier to lift the trailer up like that, than to lift the boat up to match the trailer height. They call that using your head--and always do that, lift it with your mind before you break your back.
  • @joemalski8374
    Love the boat.to small for cali waters but a great boat.must book trip.
  • @Andi_Doci
    Larger Fatter tires would be the trick. You could have also just unloaded it in the sand and pushed it into the waters.