i tried making shoes with yarn… *punch needle shoes*

Published 2023-12-06
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Some supplies used:
Punch Needle/kit: amzn.to/3FPGmii *
Monk Cloth: amzn.to/3rCziiK *
Yarn: amzn.to/2OkDGnZ *
Shoe Sole: diegos.ca/collections/espadrilles-soles

my absolute fav supplies i use: jennaphipps.com/myfavs *

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All Comments (21)
  • @itshalina
    I love how each video you show yourself hitting a point in the project where you might just have to start over again. It’s so true to the creative process and its nice to know I’m not the only one who consistently does this
  • @cerwelt
    Jenna, you might invest in a curved upholstery needle if you don’t have one. It makes sewing things like your slippers easier.

    Loved this video.
  • @moda78z
    I was thinking to myself “Jenna! No! The back is the front in needle punching! You forgot!” And then you luckily noticed your mistake 😂🤣.
  • @k_tubbs
    I'm suprised you didn't just wrap your foot with cling wrap and duct tape and then slip it off. It feels like the chaotic vibe we know and love. 😊
  • @maya-gur695
    I had no idea you could make shoes like that. It's awesome!
  • @micaela.herrera
    Your video consistency is so impressive to me and it def inspires me to keep creating.
    Also the big eyebrows mochi update was so funny.
  • @nikpop9315
    you are my comfort youtuber. i wait for ur vids every week
  • @TrustEmily
    I love the colour scheme you chose, sitting here cheering when you said you went risky! Love the project! Living in Aus but still getting the urge to make winter projects now 😂
  • @snb97
    I was literally just watching one of your old punch needle vids, and you inspired me to get into punch needling 😊
  • @sarahm2005
    Pro tip on how to put the fabric back on the hoop after you have already cut it: cut out another piece of fabric that fits the hoop (a cheaper one or a scrap from another project will do), put the fabric that you've punched on top and sew it to the bigger fabric. From the bigger fabric, cut the middle part that covers the back of your main fabric so you don't put stitches on the bigger fabric. Now you can put your project back on the hoop and work more on it.
  • @babbamedina8782
    Fun fact that song when she's glueing ( 12:23 ) the fabric is actually played by one of my favorite Hispanic groups ❤❤😂

    Loved the whole process of these slippers 👟, would love to try but I overthink everything and then leave it started 😢😅
  • @creative2716
    I never would have thought of needle punching for slippers. Cool idea tho.

    It's great for wall art.
  • Lol, Jenna, having never attended punch art, I assumed the fuzzier side was going to be next to your foot for warmth! Lol! Glad you figured it out and finished the project ! Success as always! ❤
  • I love your creativity, and your sense of humor. Thanks for cheering up my day.
  • @nypupu
    i almost died at the sound of the slippers squeaking while you were dancing, i got goosebumps
  • @jcampbell100
    Jenna you save me so much money. I watch you do these amazing projects and then the reality of me doing them hits and I never attempt them. I do sew tho so not a total nit. Thanks you are amazing.
  • Petition for Jenna to remake her most viral crochet project for benson and jack

  • @sweetnsauer1
    You’re so inspiring to watch and such an amazing human!! Look forward to your videos every week!❤