Basic Firearms Maintenance

Published 2020-04-09

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  • dls364
    Thank you for the video. Maybe in the future you can do close ups of the part you're working on so we can get a better look at the small parts you're removing or referring to.
  • ajones 23
    Owning any firearm,there is much more to it. This is it,I like these vids. We need more of these,for all those new firearm owners. Thank You. DD is Great.
  • Autumn Wind
    This is a great video for newer shooters just getting into the AR platform. Thanks Daniel Defense for making this available!!
  • Dan O'Hanlon
    You did a terrific job showing us all how to do maintenance on our rifles— thanks — much appreciated!
  • Grayish Man
    These videos are perfect for me to give to new AR owners here in the pandemic. Thanks again. Love DD.
  • Tom Hawes
    Thanks DD!!! Not all of us started buying AR's when ArmaLite & Colt first started to make them like some here. Most of us are capable of learning the nuances of a different weapon though. I have seen other videos claiming CLP is not good for any weapon. I'm gonna say that after watching a DD Rep use it that it must be acceptable for lubing a quality AR. Again Thank you DD, my two new MK-18's will be receiving this video's advice.
  • rene valentin
    This video taught us a lot on how to clean our new Daniel Defense! Being new in the rifle world this was a big help.
  • Winter Genesis
    I am new to this brand and appreciate the maintenance video, however I noticed there were several lubrication points(As stated in my manual) that I did not see mentioned in the video. It would be nice to have a more indepth and closer view video on cleaning and lubrication.
  • RV Squared
    Really well done, and recent, too! Exactly what I needed for my new V7.
  • James Payne
    Thanks. That was a nice, common sense driven example of cleaning an AR pattern rifle. I'll be sending new shooters to this video because it covers all the important stuff without getting bogged down in the minutia. Thank you for a good basic video.
    BTW, do you have a more detailed, in depth video for the bench rest type of cleaning?
  • Emanuel Hoyos
    My first AR was a PSA, the only cleaning I ever did was wipe down the parts with oil and it functioned (probably wasn’t the best idea in hindsight).

    Just ordered my first high-end AR, so the timing of this video is perfect for me to learn proper weapon cleaning. Thank you!
  • jpaul4595
    Very nice video, if you could show close-ups for the specific locations where oil should be placed etc. it would be more valuable to people unfamiliar with the weapon.
  • Elite Trader
    I can vouch for Bore Tech solvents and their AR cleaning kit. Great stuff. Slip2000 for lube!
  • Petri Kupiainen
    This was the best maintainance video for AR-15!
    Going to have soon Daniel Defence m4a1 ris3 as my first AR-15 soon.
    Cheers 🇫🇮
  • hikerjoe
    Very thorough and helpful. It would have been far more helpful with some close-up video shots.
  • Mikeynuts21
    Great timing with all the newbs coming into the fold.
  • Kenneth Lumley
    I own the DDM4 PDW and the v11. Daniel makes some very nice gear. My PDW will likely always be my home defense pistol. Her can is still in NFA jail. :-/
  • Blood Mutt
    I've seen people go years without cleaning and they run great. It's weird
  • blackbushido1
    Hello. Extremely informative video, very very helpful!! I just got my very first AR DDM4V7, well I’m waiting on the gun shop to call me to pick it up but I would really like to get a video on cleaning my AR?? Excellent video really look forward in using my AR. Do you guys sell any of the cleaning utensils and lubes?? Thank you an thank you for your timely response
  • Mack Grant
    I can vouch for CLP. Used it, loved it. Plus it lasts a long long time for firearms in storage.