The Key to the Christian Life – Dr. Charles Stanley

Published 2015-01-09
Who is going to run your life: you, or Jesus Christ who lives within you? For more messages from Charles Stanley, including this week's broadcast, go to

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  • AYCJJ6608
    Thank You Lord for Your mercy and love. Holy Spirit water the seeds of this message upon everyone who listens. May hearts minds and lives be transformed into purpose God created them for in Jesus name I ask and pray Amen 🙏📖🕊🙌💞
  • kap849
    I just found Dr. Charles Stanley's videos on YouTube last week and I can't stop listening. There are very few men who preach the gospel nowadays and he is one of those. God bless you Dr. Stanley.
  • honey bear
    I'll tell you this anyone that could speak from their heart every time they preach has to be a true messenger of God . Thank you Jesus for Dr Charles Stanley please guide me Lord in the struggles that are I'm facing and in the time of need 👃
  • Sharmaine Hope
    "It's one thing to struggle through life on your own, it's something else to walk through life in the power of the Living God who lives within you." POWERFUL.. Thank You Lord for blessing us with Dr. Stanley. May You continually bless him more and more! :)
  • Eve Gtz
    What a powerful message Doctor Stanley!!! God bless you for your devotion to preach the Word of our dear Lord!!!!
  • jan barnette
    Dr Stanley is such a blessing in my life. He preaches and teaches me so much. I am thankful for him!!❤️
  • KD BD
    Let us not forget the daily Praise we need to give to Him, Our Lord and Savior.
  • Lisa Hall
    I get a Great Blessing from your Sermon's! Thank You!
  • Avery Bryant
    I have enjoyed the way he teaches the word of God. I have learned a lot through him. Praise the Lord for the sacrifice Jesus Christ made for us all. Bless the Lord
  • Random
    Been listening to you for a few weeks now and I am grateful for hearing the true gospel.
    As a born again Christian (age 12) for 40 plus years I lived under law and never was taught on how to be a Christian. The result has brought me to my knees many times. Low points were, suicide, prison, bankruptcy 2X, Depression, Inability to speak, isolation, Addiction of all kinds etc...
    I never knew how to live this Christian life, never heard about the Holy Spirit only that I had to be a good boy or else. Now I am understanding.
  • Lena Pas
    Thank you Lord for sending this message of hope to your saints 🙏 praise God the Lord Jesus.
  • Psalms 144:1-2
    Good morning my brothers and sisters. I love you all! Stand strong in these times remember who wins in the end !!! In Christ’s perfect love have a blessed day ❤️
  • Theresia
    Woke up this morning ready to lash out typing a anger filled message on FB. As I am typing this sermon begins to play. As I am listening I am still typing my venom. THEN I hear how I KNOW I am supposed to act as a child of God and what I was saying was in no way a representation of Christ. I became so convicted that I just said the heck with it and deleted what I was typing. The Lord has truly blessed and used Dr. Stanley in such a magnificent way. And I am so thankful the Lord knows what we need and how to speak to us to change our thinking. Thank you Jesus!
  • Carol Goode
    I start my day listening to Dr. Stanley’s message. He is truly a gift from God. His words guide my day.
  • Roz bumble bee
    God Bless Dr. Charles Stanley for giving God's true word, for keeping it real.
  • Don miller
    One of the few genuine teachers. We're so blessed to have him !!
  • autumn moon
    I thank God for how he uses this man to reach out to a sick and dieing world.
  • LaTia Unique
    I love the way he teaches... He isn't focused on anything but the teaching of the word....
  • TxRose
    I’ve been listening to Dr Stanley since the 1980’s. I do not know of a more spirit filled, spirit led, Christian pastor. You can feel his love for God as he speaks. This man is truly a gift from God.
  • I've been listening to Dr. Charles Stanley for about 20years! I thank God for this man of God