Jamarion Lawhorn Trial Sentencing

Published 2015-11-04
Jamarion Lawhorn: Teen Convicted In Playground Murder Of 9-Year-Old. Robert Jonathan. A jury found Jamarion Lawhorn, 13, guilty of first-degree murder in the tragic playground stabbing death of Connor Verkerke, 9, in the Grand Rapids, Michigan, area.Sep 6, 2015

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  • This story is truly heartbreaking, filled with a variation of loss, grief and pain. After researching more on this case, it appears that Jamarion (19) is doing exceptionally well today and has a great support system, which includes Connor’s grandmother. It also appears that Jamarion and his mother are working to rebuild and repair their relationship. He’s no longer incarcerated. He resides with the family of the woman who runs the prison ministry program, who is a mother figure to him. He was also granted permission to stay with one of the juvenile detention officers who acts as a father figure to him. My hope is that he continues to thrive and share his story. I love that it ended with healing and forgiveness…RIP Connor 🕊
  • Anne Green
    My prayers go out to Connor and his family. No little child should have to suffer and die such a tragic death at any age especially 9 years old. This breaks my heart.
  • The fact that mother and son are in handcuffs and shackles in the same courtroom speaks volumes. This is so tragic.
  • Jada Elaine
    This is beyond sad on both sides of this case. I couldn’t imagine being in this position but life happens and when you’re this young, you might not realize how your poor decisions can effect you and the people around you. As a mother of two boys my heart breaks for the deceased and the boy going through this trial. The parents are definitely in my prayers because this is awful
  • Tayna Ashley
    The mother refused to look at her son, just walked out not even telling him she loved him, he continued to look for her the entire sentencing.. I'm hurt for the child that lost his life, but I'm also hurt how jamarion was treated & neglected by both parents & grandmother.. shame on the child protective system. Kid never knew what Love felt like.. his parents should be sentenced to life.
  • I feel sorry for the killed boy, but I also feel sorry for Jamarion. When I heard his history, I felt so sorry for the poor boy. I believe it was his mother sitting behind him. I hope she realized how much she hurt her son by neglecting him, abusing him and letting him grow up in a violent environment full of drugs, violence and crime. He did not even have his own bed and blanket. Poor boy. I know he is a murderer, but he is also a victim. A victim of his own parents. I would give him a second chance. Definitely.
  • Mariann Kunkel
    My heart goes out to Conner and his family. No parent should have to bury a child so young and in such a violent, senseless manner. I pray you find peace. 🙏
  • I feel so sorry for this boy, even though he is a killer. He was let down by his parents... no child is born to kill. No child should lose a childhood, be it as Victim or Victimizer.... and my heart breaks for the boy he killed.. He did not deserve death, he was a child, learning the world and his place in it... Children killing children is gut wrneching... utterly and completely. Prayers for the family of the victim.. and hopes for the killer that he can use this to save others in the future.
  • Skeptic Doomguy
    Absolutely heartbreaking all around. I wish Connor would have survived or just made it home safely that day. I wish Jamarion would have been given a fair chance at childhood.
  • I cried listening to his atty. She was choked by emotion. I pray that God steps further into his life and keeps using him to show that no matter the circumstances you CAN overcome. God bless this child and the family of the poor child who is gone. This broke my heart made me call my son and reinforce the love his father and I have given him for 21 years!
  • Jaden McFarland
    1:11:37 This moment broke my heart . He looked over at his Mom and she did not reciprocate. So unbelievably sad.
  • Shanae Osborn
    This child, and others like him, need love, attention and to know someone cares for him as a human being! My heart breaks and aches for his soul. Although by age 12 we should know right from wrong, do we know what this child experienced growing up with the woman behind him? Neglect, abuse (psychological, physical, emotional and/or sexual). She, herself appears damaged. Clearly a cycle that has not been broken. What he did was wrong, yes. However, extensive rehabilitation is needed here grouped with therapy, counseling, possibly medication if needed and the right tools geared towards helping this young man. A renewed spirit or being in other words, picking up where his mother fell short. Sometimes it does take a village. I pray for this child's life, body, and soul! I am also heartbroken for the child that lost their life in this situation. Parents invest in your child(ren) for the future and wellbeing of themselves and others!
  • Sarah M.
    In 2017 Connors gma wrote a book called, “hey nana”, and was on a local news station mentioning how Jamarion’s mother apologized for what happened to Connor. The gma forgave Jamarion’s mother and they have since become friends through all of what had happened. Connors gma has also stated that she gives Jamarion’s mother & siblings rides to the prison to do visits with him(while he was incarcerated). This was such a horrible tragedy that claimed one child’s life indefinitely. While all the family that was involved will forever live with this, it is a touching way Connor’s gma & Jamarions mother were able to work together to build a friendship from the ashes of destruction. Forgiveness is truly for one’s own self. Releasing that anguish is such a powerful thing to do.
  • tyra smith
    This story is Soo heartbreaking yet heart touching I pray that the victims family can find peace and may their son rest in paradise I can't imagine the pain my heart goes out to them I also pray that Jamarion funds peace with in as well as he grow older and that GOD continues to give him good support to help him grow meeting his mental and physical needs during his sentencing 💪🏾🙏🙏🙏🙏
  • Fontella Scott
    Omg... My heart goes out to the family and Jamarion this is truly a tragedy
  • Ali Neyah
    Broke my heart when the mom walked past her sons table to be let out at the very end , and the boy just looked over at his mother so sadly as she was being led out. And she didn’t even look his way !! So so very heart braking 💔💔💔
  • R D
    So heartbreaking when the younger brother gave his statement about Connor, saying he misses him.
  • Keesh Jones
    This poor baby! My heart goes out to him, he threw his whole life away... Also, my heart goes out to the victims family, their child didn't deserve that cruel act.
  • Cheryl Hartley
    I didn't realize that the person I thought was a co-conspirator was this young boys mother!! Oh God, I'm in tears here for the victims' family, and also that lost soul. I'd love to get my hands on that mother, I'm outdone. He looked at her, with love for her in his eyes and she just walked right out like it's just another day!! 😢 😢 😢