Marcus Lamb Memorial Service: A Legacy of Faith

Published 2021-12-07
What is a legacy? Join us to discover the impact of one man’s surrender to Jesus as we honor the life and legacy of Marcus D. Lamb, celebrating the many things that made him deeply loved by so many around the world and the great legacy that lives on.

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  • Becky Trevino
    Thank you Daystar for being an end time ministry. Marcus Lamb is a great General in the mighty army of God. He will be missed dearly.
  • jo halmag
    Sorry to hear this, Marcus and Joni and Daystar played a big roll in my Sobriety, I got clean and sober in 2007, I went through a 1 year inpatient Recovery program in Seattle, I stayed there for 2 years and when I moved out into an oxford sober living house, I found Daystar and watched and listened to Marcus and Joni daily for a couple months, then I moved into a condo by myself and it was Marcus and Joni who got me through some tough times. I love Daystar.... thankyou for all you do....🙏🙏🙏🙏Praise God! Halleluyua!!!!
  • Latin Mami
    Just beautiful. They helped me stay listening to the Word when I was sick for years and had no energy to get to any church. I watched DayStar all the time. Thank you Marcus and Jonie. I'm so deeply sorry for your loss. Yes, we know he is in heaven next to the Man he loves with a passion. His and our creator..Amen❤️🙌. But I also know that pain you all are feeling in this time. My hurts hurts for you all. His viewers will miss him so much as well. 💙🙏He is home.❤️💔❤️
  • I am still crying. Marcus blessed me tremendously along with Joni. The way they love The Lord just gave life into my own love for Christ. I thank God for Marcus, and I am mourning, crying and thanking God for his life and ministry. At one season of my life, Daystar was on 24/7 at home, and the presence of God manifesting through this ministry like never before in my life. Marcus Lamb, a mighty man of God. This celebration of his life is a manifestation itself of the Glory of God.
  • Jennifer Holder
    The anointing in this home going service. Phil Driscoll wow...Watching from Barbados ..deepest condolences to Joni and family
  • Arleen007
    The most beautiful celebration of life I've ever seen. Phil Driscoll was so anointed he brought in the holy spirit like no other.
  • Everlasting Life
    I can't stop crying. I love the Lamb family. All of them. Even the ones who married in to the family. They are all such a blessing. The oldest grandson is going to miss his "Poppy" so very much. They were close. I will be praying for this family. Jesus wil carry them through this sorrowful time.
  • revelationwanga
    How powerful... My mummy went to be with the Lord on the 27th October 2021. . I am so grateful to God for allowing me to spend 10 hours with her before she went to be with lord . .. I am still grieving for her but taking one day at a time with the lord .
  • G Nicolas
    My heart grieves with you, Lamb family. No matter what the headlines of Mainstream Media say, please know that the body of Christ is with you and is praying for you.
  • 73mdabalos
    I have a Marcus Lamb story. I took a group of friends and my Mom to Refreshing Times Conference, and my Mom was in a lot of pain. She went out into the lobby to walk around to help with the pain. She told me later that Marcus Lamb was in the lobby and he came up, and checked on her. They had a wonderful conversation, and she could see the genuine love he had for the Lord.
  • Alice Cordova
    Beautiful memorial service I was touched wouldn’t stop crying. Blessings for the family 🙏🏼
  • Gracetochange
    Thank you for publishing this. A great soldier in the army of the Lord.
  • SissCo Kids
    Beautiful service that puts God first and honors Him. Marcus will be missed. Blessings of comfort and healing for his family and Joni.
  • Tanya Watkins
    I almost cannot make it past Phil Driscoll! WE EXALT THEE!!! WE WORSHIP YOU KING JESUS.
  • Kesiime Michelle
    You touched our lives with your humility on tv and the love you had for your family.And the warmth you brought.You'll be missed on our screens.But we thank God for blessing us with you.RIP Marcus Lamb
  • seeker first
    I just want to say, no one can deliver a song like Phil Driscoll. It was altogether so right that he open up such a beautiful service with that beautiful touching song of praise.
  • Mrs Sap
    I love how Marcus' heart was so tender towards the Holy Spirit and how comfortable he was crying on television. Shalom, Lamb Family!
  • raquelorachel
    This was amazing 👏 🙌
    At first I didn't want to see it because I didn't want to cry. But I was reminded of the many times I was down and Daystar uplifted me. You guys were there. Thank you Marcus and Joni for sharing this moment with the world. Joni, may the Lord show you in this time of grief how many people care and love you woman of God and your family. Praying for your new Journey!
  • Abba Love
    This was a beautiful service. I cried along with you all. I truly love Daystar & will continue to pray for the family.
  • Ezekiel Motlhaga
    Only heard a week ago about the passing of this Angel, this Great General of God on Radio Pulpit ! We are a South African Christian family who watched Daystar a lot ! We are saddened by the untimely passing but we know God can only allow it when the time is right, and when the race is run ! I'm grateful to be watching this special memorial service on YouTube