Amnesia: The Bunker - Part 4

Published 2023-07-15

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  • @ilyb3lla
    Mark continuously forgetting that HE is Clément is hilarious
  • @sunnaki
    It is incredibly classic mark to take 4 episodes to say "Huh, turns out the monster who gets mad when you make noise is less mad when you don't make noise."
  • @feartheghus
    Clement’s life went from 0-60 quickly according to the diary titles:
    1: routine patrol
    2: AGONY
  • That hole reveal was so well done. I was immediately as tense and uncomfortable as Mark was. The music that plays really suits that moment of horrifying realization and dread. Frictional Games are horror artists.
    Also, that second chair throw was sick. Even if the audience edit made me think the monster was coming for a second, lol.
  • @xavierauger8882
    Mark doing his best and succeeding in saving the German solider is indeed big brain and wholesome.
  • Markplier went from "oh this door is locked better blow it up" to " is this wrench loud? am i being to loud"
  • @brice1028
    I love that every time the monster is near, he always uses his VERY LOUD flashlight.
  • @gameworldjt
    mark understanding that he's henri but not realizing his last name is clement is hilarious
  • @psiimoth
    Oh I LOVE the game taking away the safe room. That’s terrifying and awful and it works so well! Nothing spookier than invasion of your safety.
  • @MEME-wl4gz
    I got jump scared from the applause of mark throwing the chair and it landing upright.
  • @Desiderium
    I'm pleasantly surprised that he figured out how to save the prisoner on his first playthrough, seemingly without looking up any guides or tips. Smart player.
  • @mohawkan423023
    Initially I was like "Wait why isn't he just... unlocking the cell and getting the tool?", and then realised he's trying to save the prisoner 🥺 Mark truly is the best of us
  • @flarpo11
    I am genuinely astonished that he got this far without realizing he never opened his own locker in Mission Storage. It was a legitimately impressive feat of blindness, truly.
  • @me4315
    I like how the game says “If you think it’ll work, it probably will!” And Mark is like “nah that wont work…” throughout the entire game so far
  • @puppyfrog
    I love his face when he realised that there is a hole in what is supposed to be the safe room
  • @mcm3
    It’s hilarious (though quite unfortunate) that Mark forgets he can throw things at doors to break them instead of having to blow them up. I die a little inside every time he says “well guess I gotta blow it up” lmao
  • @phothebird
    39:51 I love when Mark leaves space for Lixian to edit something random as hell in there just for fun. Little things like that make me happy. Also, there's a hole in the saferoom.
  • @alch2041
    the way mark just moves on from everything ever going wrong is phenomenal, what a guy
  • @kmjl93
    Mark’s the only person I’ve seen actually try and save the German solider.
  • @Denjimushi
    i love how mark continues to use the wholesome “OH FRICK ME” throughout the series