I Made Working MINECRAFT Mobs in LEGO...

Published 2022-10-14
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All Comments (21)
  • JK Brickworks
    The motion on the silverfish is so smooth. Really nicely done. 👍
  • The fact that you spent hours and $300 building a magnacube only to drop it was so painful yet oddly satisfying at the same time.
  • The B3
    Ok we’re naming the silverfish “Long John”, right?

    Ridiculously satisfying builds!
  • Mattimotion
    I already expected a few green and yellow pieces coming out as xp when you dropped it haha. Such a great video!
  • Ahh it pained me when you dropped that massive magma cube! I wouldve kept it built forever! Great video bud!
  • DevBanana
    These are really cool! Idk how you make all these mechanisms so well!
  • Hogbog101
    It’s cool to see your editing and style become more and more unique keep it up man!
  • Spartan065J
    Estaria potente si las uniones del magma cube fuesen piezas transparentes
  • Visual
    So happy you made the Minecraft mobs😊❤ love that you finally finished them!
  • berry
    you’ve already said the silverfish should be named “well, you decide”. So I guess that’s their name
  • Logan Gould
    I love the silverfish so much! I seriously want to trap one in my world with my buddy's as a pet. For a name Sir.Salavare is the only thing fittingly royal enough for the genius mechanics and adorable construction. Whose a good little insect, you, you are Slalavare!
  • glowy the glowbug
    should have used planetry chained gears for the silverfish makes a sort of tentacle motion
  • WBE154
    You are extremely creative and talented. This is amazing and I like every video!
  • Nishimoto Bricks
    I like the nice and simple mechanism for the silverfish, very smooth! I always over complicate my mechanisms, so it's useful to see other peoples solutions
  • TV second
    You could probably build a lot faster if you sort your pieces by color and by piece
  • Antwoine Warren
    This man should become an engineer he will just make everything out of Lagos
  • momit
    I love your vids! Minecraft + Lego = My childhood