No.1 Neuroscientist: Stress Leaks Through Skin, Is Contagious & Gives You Belly Fat!- Dr. Tara Swart

Published 2023-09-25
If you enjoy hearing about neuroscience and the power of the brain, I recommend listening to my conversation with Dr. Tali Sharot:    • No.1 Neuroscientist: Age 30 to 50 Wil...  

0:00 Dr Tara Swart - Neuroscientist on how your brain influences your health, relationships and well-being.
02:06 💼 How to improve my brain health?
13:04 🩸 How to lose stomach fat
16:03 👥 The affect stress has on women
24:00 🛌 How to improve memory
25:52 🧠 How to prevent Alzheimer's and Parkinson’s
30:28 👩‍❤️‍👨 Key things for a better relationship
38:04 🧠 How does intuition works & why you should always follow it
44:11 🧠 How did the pandemic affect our stress levels & mental health?
46:32 🌿 Why nature is really important for your health
47:13 🤝 How to find your purpose & why its vital for your mental health
01:00:01 🧠 What is neuroplasticity & why you should learn everything about it
01:07:04 🧠 How to stop my bad habits
01:10:11 🧬 How do I cope with trauma?
01:16:02 🤰 Can stress affect pregnancy?
01:23:45 🧠 How does neuroplasticity works?
01:27:12 🏋️‍♂️ How do I improve my memory?
01:30:01 🍇 What is the best diet?
01:30:55 🧠 What is the importance of neuroplasticity?
01:34:15 💬 How does what I say affect my brain?
01:39:12 👫 Qualities to look for in a partner
01:44:23 🧠 How is ADHD and autism diagnosed?
01:53:20 🗣️ How does what I say affect my behaviour?
01:58:32 🙏 How does visualisation work?

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  • @TheDiaryOfACEO
    Thank you Tara for sharing your story with us. If you enjoyed this conversation could you do us a favour and HIT that like button on the video! Helps us a lot ❤ share your favourite part of the convo below 👇🏾
  • I have always needed 8 hours sleep. Also, In 42 years of marriage my husband and I never slept apart. I strongly believe in couples sleeping together. I never had a problem getting a full night’s sleep all my life until he passed away 5 years ago. . Now I realize listening to this broadcast that it has to do with cortisol levels because of my husband no longer being with me. Not having him here has been stressful for me. I miss him terribly. His passing has been the most challenging circumstance I have ever gone through. We loved each other very deeply. I still love him. I am getting better and I know this is all apart of the grief journey. Blessings and peace to all who are on this journey of grief and to all who aren’t as well. We all need peace. ❤️
  • @gregm55mullen62
    My mother died from COPD. After she died I researched and came across an article on a medical website that said chronic stress can harden the tissues in the lungs leading to permanent damage. And she was so stressed much of the time. I also realised later how lonely she must have felt due to one circumstance and another. 😢 I do believe that loneliness leads to a constant state of what I would call “Quiet Stress”. Just a personal thought.
  • @hermannhesse4
    I just stumbled upon this video, and if there’s any possibility that either the speaker or the interviewer may see this message, I just want to say thank you. Intelligent, though provoking content! Wholesome, nothing woke, or inflammatory. No virtue-signaling, no posturing, no propaganda…and a refreshing absence of ego from either of you. Simply a beautiful conversation between two earnest hearts. And as a bonus, I particularly loved that both of you spoke about and honored your partners. Simply beautiful. I learned a lot! Thank you
  • @kittyvine823
    I would love to hear her speak to addiction. The changes in the brain when drinking stops, the pathways. Recovery of the brain.
  • @Joy.1111
    Saying I’m safe. Yes that’s so powerful in my life.
  • @nijaelsa
    This is the real podcast. The one which pushes you to hear more and more at the same time allow you to take a pause and think about it.
    The Way Steven asks his doubts and curiosities so humbly makes me feel like Iam having a real time conversation with them at the same time. Felt so good❤️
    And Steven your selection of Guests is just Incredible!

    Excited for more!
  • @sushisuzanne99
    This is so fabulous!! As a nurse and an older, single mother I’ve struggled more with stress and lack of sleep than ever. It’s a horrible feeling. I’m aware and now I want to bring in more self love, nature and add healthy habits. I’ve used food to cope with stress as well as alcohol at times. I love that we have neuroplacticity! What a gift. I remember learning and discovering that we can regrow nerves and create new pathways. Gives me hope.
    She’s so informative and grounded. Well done with your questions and seeking to understand. Very helpful. Sending ❤.
  • @girlhasitall
    @1:36:20 I literally had to say to myself that "I'm safe, I'm safe", I had to use this affirmation about a month ago, when I found someone stealing money from my bag in the cupboard, in this new city where I have moved. I saved myself from getting into trauma by using affirmations, and handled the situation pretty well. The positive affirmation actually worked so well in keeping me calm while I took measures calmly to fix the situation and changed the locks on my cupboard and took other measures.
  • @user-nr9kq6qr4l
    I could listen to Tara all day, every day. Such a beautiful spirit and an intelligence. She has a talent of sharing her immense knowledge in a way that is easy to understand. Her beauty radiates from deep within. I would love to spend time in her presence. I am grateful for this episode :)
  • @carlstotts5707
    Such a beautiful soul she is. Her wisdom and ability to articulate such profound wisdom. I'm now obsessed can't
    wait for her podcast.
  • I’ve been brought this this channel on multiple occasions and have content saved. However, this is my first listen. Continue interrupting, asking clarifying questions, and asking the things that pop into your mind. My favorite/most interesting parts is when she responded to those random/not so random questions.
  • @nicholnunn8074
    I’ve had chronic fatigue from past illnesses and every day I would wake up and throughout the day repeat things like “I’m so tired”, “I’m exhausted”. Then one day I decided I was going to stop telling myself that. I couldn’t bring myself to say something like “I feel well rested” but instead would say things like “I’m ready to get this day going”. It has really improved how I feel.
  • @avaceleste
    I love this woman. Please have her back!
  • @busraok6823
    What an absolutely wonderful conversation! I'm deeply touched; it's been a while since I've shed tears, to be honest. Tara's words, presence, and the way she spoke, coupled with the gentle gesture of stroking her hair – Steven, your questions were amazing. The synergy between you two was truly remarkable, and it was a pleasure to be part of this fascinating discussion about neuroscience and practical tips for daily life, which will undoubtedly be valuable, Tara. Thank you, thank you so much. Sending greetings and love from Berlin!
  • @teamzands6712
    So powerful to recognize the deep impact that stress has and how it is so overlooked in our daily lives. Thank you for taking the time to speak to Dr. Swart and to bring this important awareness to light. Blessings!!
  • i gained a sick amount of weight around my belly , i do everything to lose it but in vain , i lost my period , i get it every two months now instead of every month and i feel this going through some difficult times so am incredibly stressed , and this podcast was soooo eye opening it's crazy how i've been blaming myself for things i have 0 control on. I CAN'T THANK THIS MAN enough for these podcasts and these ready to take care of myself and follow these tips to get through it.... PRAY FOR ME PLEASE
  • Profound interview! I love how insightful and intuitive she is. Her reference to ingenious wisdom speaks volumes. One aspect the science continues to omit is the energetic bodies of a human. Yes, it is necessary to face the core of a trauma in order to transmute it but traumas are emotions and emotions are energies. The missing bridge that had been a catalyst to dissolve trauma was getting the Life Activation Healing. It works at a DNA level and can improve generational trauma. We all need more love and light. We all need a Life Activation. ❤
  • @AroseLove
    To the person reading this. Even though I don’t know you, I wish you the best life has to offer 🙏🏻🙌😊♥️
  • @jt5792
    Super interesting! Thank you. Those from abusive, high stress family backgrounds know this all too well. The stress passes like contagion and loosing weight feels impossible until away from said dynamic.