"Dreaming the Future God Wants for You" with Pastor Rick Warren

Published 2020-02-20
After your relationship with Jesus, knowing God’s dream for your life is the second-most important thing you’ll ever discover. In this message, Pastor Rick Warren kicks off our spiritual-growth campaign, Time to Dream, by giving you 12 biblical reasons why you must know God’s dream for your life.
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All Comments (21)
  • Morganeezy
    Thank you Pastor Rick! You were my pastor that spoke and woke me up to feeling Gods presence with your sermons. 5 years ago my dad passed away when I was 22. I had grown up in the church but never felt connected to who God was. I was frustrated and doubtful about Him..even falling asleep during my local churches sermons despite being involved in children’s ministry in high school. Not until my dad passed away unexpectedly did I ever think that an online pastor would speak to my pain. God developed a trusting relationship with me and every sermon I listened of yours was ALWAYS the PERFECT timing and message. I will forever thank you for your leadership and for being so pivotal in my life and testimony!
  • Mary Hernandez
    Even people in Hospitals and nursing homes sitting in the bed contributed to the spiritual growth and make world a better place Pastor Rick. Appreciate your sermon
  • T D
    This is most relevent in the time being for me. I dream of that future God wants for me to serve Him with all the gifts He has bestowed upon me. I pray Day and night for that tremendous and joyful opportunity!
  • John Behneman
    Thank you so much for inspiring me to move forward with my dreams and goals. You met me where I am at. Now I found my Northstar, so I may step out in faith.
  • Bonnie Brown
    I would love to be able to go to this church . Unfortunately , I live too far away in Ga. , but I have enjoyed listening to Preacher Rick Warren's sermons .
    All my life I've been a dreamer . Not many have came true . My mom and my stepdad use to make fun of me for being a dreamer and they made sure a lot of those dreams didn't come true . My husband is the same way . He means my dreams are not going to come true . I've been married for 31 years and I had so many hopes and dreams for my husband and I and my children . They didn't happen . I prayed for God to answer my prayers . I thought well , either God doesn't want me to live in a nice house , because if he did he would bless me with one . Or... he just hasn't blessed me with one yet . That was my dream . You know what ? I live in an old farmhouse that's falling a part . I have a husband that can build a house from ground...up , but he will not fix our house . We have never owned our own house . We've been living in this house for 15 years. We are not going anywhere unless the landlord makes us move or God blesses us with enough money to move into a nicer house . I don't mind staying here , but it's got to be fixed . When I give thanks to God for giving me a roof over my head .... I ask God to please bless me with the money to fix my roof or we're not going to have a roof over our heads . Kinda funny isn't ? We go to church and we go to church with our landlord . I have told my husband to talk to our landlord about getting out roof fixed . He says he will , but he still hasn't talked to him about it . I don't understand why he want talk to him about it . I know one thing for sure though , I love God and he loves me . Maybe he has other dreams plained for me that I don't know about ?
    I'm going to keep watching preacher Rick Warren here on YouTube, because I want to be apart of this . God bless him and thank you for sharing this video . It really has helped me .
  • Dina Denney
    Blessings to you and yours. Thank you for sharing your message. 🙏🏼💚
  • Thank you pastor Rick for your prayers and for your message to me 🙏 🙏 🙏 ❤️ ❤️
  • Bubbly
    Wonderful as always! Thank You 🙏🏼 😊
  • john garman
    such a strong man, thank you for serving God and bringing hope to people after everything you have been through. you are a hero in Christ