1980 US Open

Published 2020-08-31
Final round from Baltusrol in Springfield NJ.

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  • @MoeMuzic13
    THANK YOU! Its been 42 years since I watched this live and it was just as enjoyable this time around.
    Jack Nicklaus, the "GOAT"☝ that all others should be measured against, with his athletic ability, his calmness under pressure, his course strategy, his sportsmanship, and most of all, his determination to be the best of all time...
  • @toddchip
    This brings up such great memories. I started golfing at age 11 a few weeks earlier and this was the first tournament I watched. I became a Nicklaus fan and always admired how he carried himself on and off the course. I still remember the last putt on 18 as if it was yesterday.
  • Watched the last round. Jack had a few miscues With his driver in the front nine, but made the adjustments to correct and he hit every fairway and every green in regulation on the back nine. Smartest player ever in professional golf.
  • At 3:19:28 we see that Jack's caddie didn't waste any time cracking open a beer right after they won. Caddies openly drinking beers at the US Open, and the winners share was 55k. 1980 was a glorious time. People who didn't live during those days forget that top athlete's, corporate executives and CEO's, celebrities, and others, while they made more money than most folks, they didn't make a LOT of money more than most folks. Because back then, money had actual value, so a person could make 20K a year and live fairly well with a home, a car, and even a small family. And if a big shot made 120k a year, you didn't feel all that distant from him, you were even happy for him and his/her success. Nowadays, with money so worthless, and sports stars, celebrities and corporate executives making $15 million a year while a person making 60k has to struggle just to get by, it's made us a very fractured society, and that can never sustain itself. And if you live in a bigger city or suburb nearby, making 60k means you either need to find someway to make twice that, move to a smaller more rural town, or live in a tent under a bridge.
  • @jimmeasel1712
    Oh my goodness....Nicklaus was an absolute rock star on that day. And Aoki was terrific....
  • @bilinguru
    It really is amazing how much golf has changed, and yet how much it has stayed the same. They hit it so much further now, but conduct themselves with so much less class than they used to. At 40 years old, Jack was the grand old man of golf. 40 years old is just past peak today, as players are in so much better shape. But the winning scores haven’t really gotten that much lower, and there is usually a dramatic finish. The biggest difference of course is the prize money. The purses are 50 times bigger than they used to be. That really is a credit to Tiger.
  • Conrad Nagel, 1980, a memorable year in sport: 1. Nicklaus winning the 1980 US Open and PGA Championship at age 40 2. Genuine Risk, a filly, winning the 106th Kentucky Derby 3. 2 memorable fights between Roberto Duran and Sugar Ray Leonard 4. Our Olympic Hockey team "Do You Believe In Miracles? Yes." 5. 2 memorable Bjorn Borg-John McEnroe men's tennis finals at Wimbledon and US Open.
  • This was smack in the middle of a great period for pro golf. The late '70's through mid 80's were fantastic to watch. So many great players active and playing great golf.
  • @emeraldaisle2927
    Jack had that elusive little thing called, "It." for decades. I started playing in '70. The 70 and 80's were a great time to grow-up in golf. Hats off to Aoki with his indomitable spirit. I can't recall another time 2 players in a major played together AND led the tournament all 4 days.
  • @dave55ides
    The respect between Jack and Isao on the 18th is great to see.
  • @jonburrows8602
    Amazing that when I first got into golf seriously in 1978, Jack was thought to be on the way out, yet I still got to see him win all of the 4 majors.
  • @karlg4666
    Always find it fascinating that, more often than not, the leaders will be hovering around even par but someone back in the pack will shoot a 67 but be too far back to gain the lead. That's what's so great about golf, it's such a mind game. Thanks for posting these videos. Great to watch, especially with the lack of Corporate Sponsor Logo's plastered all over their clothing.
  • 1980 was a great year for me. I was in college and had only been playing golf for a year or so. School had just let out and I was working a summer job. I watched this on my little 10 inch black and white tv in my studio apartment in Eugene Oregon. Good times.
  • @DMR4736
    Thanks for posting this video; brings back great memories. The one thing i'll never forget about this, involved Seve. He, unfortunately, got stuck in traffic on the way to the course, early in the tournament, and by the time he got to the first tee to hit, and catch up , the group ahead had already hit their second shots, and he was disqualified, heard leaving the course , cursing in Spanish; that was something.
  • I love the models they have built for each hole, the small trees are so good. Ditch cgi and bring back this!
  • Thanks for posting this. I remember watching it. How exciting it was. A great battle down the stretch.
  • @hutzman7664
    Interesting to think about if Tiger was able to swing his swing his whole career like Jack, how many majors would he have won? Remarkable how Jack always looked the same.
  • @UfoDan100
    i 'd trade 10 years off my present life , to re-live 1980 ! I was age 26-27 then and it was my last year when I had no health problems.