Director Reacts - 지민 (Jimin) ‘Set Me Free Pt.2’ MV Shoot Sketch - BTS

Published 2023-03-23
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  • @just_lil_g
    actually, this is his first full solo music video. "Lie" and "Serendipity" weren't full MVs, they were abridged versions of the song. I had to super duper double / triple check. 💜
  • @kenestrada9972
    2:09 Stanning BTS made me truly realize what great teamwork can do. I'm so proud of how BTS show their gratefulness and respect to everyone on their team doing all of these great works alongside them. Thank you for reacting to this, Roscoe. I hope you have a lovely day!
  • @gulsunai3333
    Чимин ты самый лучший люблю тебя
  • @CalicoMarimo
    I would’ve PAID THEM to let me apply that poem on Jiminie’s beautiful bod!💜🐥👑👼🏻💜
  • @goreyfantod5213
    6:40 Thank you for pausing to address this - you're the first reactor I've watched to do so. This is a VERY sensitive subject that requires care & compassion to speak about without compounding harm; it's easy to fall into negativity, but you expressed care & concern without resorting to shame or judgment.

    Given the combination of what he's' said about his self-imposed diet & weight restrictions (110 lb.), what he's said about his self-image in the past, and what must be enormous internal & external pressure from his solo debut, I hope that he & the people around him are being mindful of his well-being.
  • @melvaburke2608
    🤗 A Master! Giving A Master Class! A Humble Professional! Park Jimin!
    💜 Watching from New⚘️Jersey, USA 😎
  • @meemac4709
    Suga was in the same stiudio, shooting his solo, when Jimin waa doing Serendipity. The 6 other members were in the same studio when he did Filter. This is Jimin's first solo Album.
  • Thank you for your reaction. Please support him later on his premier of “Like Crazy”. We need you to be there with us.
  • @user-cb7rj8jc1y
    JIMIN trabajo mucho junto con su cuerpo de baile para dar una presentación y coreografía y lo lograron, felicidades a todos los que intervinieron. JIMIN es el mejor bailarín y cantante del mundo y BTS, se gano el lugar que le corresponde numero 1 en el mundo.
  • @TamaraPanera
    I am also a fan of the shirt. I love sweatpants too! This was awesome. I can’t get enough of this MV. 💜
  • @ideagirl
    Jimin experienced depression too. It's a real thing that can happen to anyone. Even a BTS member.
  • @TaygetaBlue
    Roscoe, I'm right there with you, listening to Jiminie talk about his weight. 50 Kg is only 110 lb. He's 5'9" tall. Let that sink in. It makes me so sad that he feels that he has to starve himself (it takes that to maintain that weight), to be in front of a camera or on stage. It's not healthy. He's such a beautiful Soul and Human Being. I pray that some day he will be more at peace within and will be less hard on himself.
  • @natali10
    Park Jimin ! Genil'nyy tantsor i pevets !
  • @dianaunger6782
    I love hearing your reaction from your area of expertise. It brings more richness and depth to the whole experience. I forget where I saw it but that one camera was actually on an SUV, something that really impressed me. About his weight, I have to say that in order to be able to move the way he does, he has to be very disciplined about it or he couldn't move the way he does. How many times have you heard someone say he is "light" on his feet. He does it for his art and I think he has found a balance now.
  • @beverlyb5144
    Circular prison is called a Panopticon (see Presidio Modelo). It is GENIUS!!!
  • There’s a video somewhere on YouTube that shows the set being built - BIG ASS sound stage! And the built it from the ground up - and that big crane thingy is attached to a car that’s why some people thought there’d be a car chase. And he wears an 8 or 9 but dancers wear bigger shoes to protect their feet.
    I love your reactions❤
  • @lofiejm
    didnt think about the FPS there roscoe, good catch and it does make alot of sense! also i love the maturity in your chat, really nice and calm compared to some chats spamming hate and weird comments. its lovely with you and your chat :)
  • @ideagirl
    You do know he is on the Jimmy Fallow show tonight, the 23rd? For an interview. And on tomorrow too, the 24th, for a performance. On the day his album drops!
  • @Cookie_moonlove
    10:11 ok so the chat did not seem to get what Jimin said/meant by keeping it in the "50 kg range" what he said just means keeping it under 60 kg = 132.3 lbs.
    In Vibe he was 59 kg but said he used to be 56 kg.
    56 kg and 174 cm = 18,5 BMI which is still within normal, a perfectly healthy weight, especially since he is built pretty petite.

    I'm tired so sorry if my english is weird somewhere, hope it makes sense. : )