First Job! (Work Stories)

Published 2018-08-04
"Well working here sucked... At least I'll get a good video out of it!"

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I use Adobe animate cc to animate and I use Adobe premiere pro to edit. I use the Gaomon PD1560 tablet but I used to use a bamboo tablet. I use the audio technica AT 2020 to record my audio.

Wanna send fan art? Cool! Just tag me on twitter or send it to this email: [email protected] if you do send fan art then be sure to specify how you want to be credited.

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Music: "Mystery For the Witty" By ionics

Thanks for all the support guys! See ya later!

Wow you read all of this? You are dedicated my friend. I bless your next burger so that it will be the most delicious one you've ever had

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  • @RobertIDK
    whipped cream tastes like creamy air, probably because that's literally what it is :O!! also shoutout to the homies named hunter. your name is cool and you are valid. stay strong my brothers.
  • @duckhartz4562
    What a kind heart this man has, before the girl was gonna say let me talk to your manager, he turned around and did it himself.
  • Bryson is a genus, I never will be able to animate as well as him
  • @BMWM3compitetion
    It’s just so ironic that every story time animator calls people “Hunter” because the people they call “Hunter” are always people they had a bad interaction with.
  • @pix4631
    That little scene with his nephew is so heartwarming 😊
  • @LoafOfBread7
    Respect for being able to Give Fuys Furgers And Bries without messing up
  • @BijuuMike
    i dont trust anyone who doesn't like whipped cream
  • @jacobwiggle3681
    "Yes" - Brody, 2018. Bryson is a comedy genius, and will never be beaten.
  • @yaa2813
    I love the burger progressively building itself in the background
  • @leonbosman3672
    I love how the burger in the background slowly gets built
  • @AmberOfMaple
    I myself am pretty neutral about whipped cream, but I guess I mostly like it because to me, it's a novelty
  • @GavinE_WWE
    Little did he know if he kept this story for longer, he could've called the cheese fries lady a 'Karen'.
  • @BeeMajor
    I like how the burger poster got progressively better as the video went on
  • @iateass5371
    The way brenner literally ask for chicken nugget after ordering😂
  • @biya1950
    Its so cool how throughout the video, the poster in the backround had a burger being made like the attention 2 detail is so good
  • I really like whipped cream but I always instinctively say no whenever I’m asked, yet I go home and chug half a bottle
  • @DuckieAM_
    5:20 As a person that had never tasted it i see this as an absolute win
  • @skyway_octane
    “Do you want a burger, or chicken strips?”
    No no, he's got a point.
  • I sometimes order a milkshake without whipped cream because it freezes sometimes and gets this odd skin that just settles on the tongue and makes everything taste funny.