CREATE a Cinematic SCI-FI Interior [Cinema 4D + Octane]

Published 2020-08-22
Today we're using #cinema4d and #octane to re-create on of my favorite photographs from Japanese photographer, Joe Nishizawa.

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  • I slept through 5 SCP iceberg videos and this is the video that woke me up? no idea whats going on but i sat in bed for 30 mins watching this like i planned it, thumbs up for the craft though man
  • @drkprxncess8912
    i fell asleep watching youtube and woke up to this lolol but its cool!
  • @Boldalt
    Hey Clint. Would love to see a video on simulations and Voronoi fracture. I always seem to have problems with dynamics in C4D - not sure if it’s because C4D’s physics system is janky or if there are some settings that i’m missing. Anyway keep up the great work and content!
  • @nisahusoh1302
    This hack is amazing! It's a real lifesaver! 💡💎🚗
  • @ErikStitt
    Sorry I missed the live show. This looks really good, Clint! Great job and as always, good, patient instruction. I've taken several things I've learned from you and applied them into Blender. I love learning! Thank you!
  • missed the stream, cool stuff, some good points, i'm working on a compareable project so that comes in handy. Keep it on.
  • @pavanraju575
    I am big fan of off u sir thank you so much for sharing ur knowledge
  • @efikes5798
    Bro. You're Amazing! Keep up the Great Work!
  • @idus
    I would totally hang out but missed this stream. maybe ill catch the next stream. Would be nice to be working along side someone. My neck hurts after a while and its frustrating to figure a problem out on your own.
  • @steffo8324
    Hi pwnisher, Love your Videos. I have a Strange question. Could you pls tell me the Brand of your Glasses? Big hug from Germany!
  • @upcomingKang
    Question: if learn blender so will it be easy to learn unreal engine, cinema 4D, maya ?
  • @LeeFall
    Ambient occlusion simulator lol
  • @-Belshazzar-
    Turbosmooth, tell me you're a past max user without telling me you're a past mex user
  • @Mbg-tech
    Hey Clint,nice video.Ever thought of switching to Blender ? Would be awasome to have you make these types of videos in Blender,the pipeline and stuff...
  • @airlnggs
    Why I always missed the stream 😭