Home Heating Systems

Published 2016-02-01
A simple introduction to home heating systems

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  • Daphne Raven
    Thank you very much sir for his very informative video. I have one constructive comment to offer. When you have a thermostat that is set up such that it is in the room over the furnace room, you end up with one nice warm room, and the whole rest of the house cold. There was just no heating up the rest of the house, even when it was very well insulated. This was a hard discovery in a place with long, very cold winters
  • Ocultis Sleetah
    Thank you, very very helpfull: clear, concise and complete. Bless you.
  • John Efekodo
    As an African in sub-sahara, where Temps never dip below 23C (73F), I see you guys need a hell load of propane to power your boilers to keep your homes warm. We just have a small 12kg canister outside our kitchens for cooking. That's as much propane we need for like 3 months.
  • Sarah Kim
    Great! I needed this because the water pipe for the heating system is leaking.. Thank you!
  • fishingphill
    Is there any way to have a system like this run on solar?
    at 3:05 .. some of us in this world still have a steam heating system
  • Justin
    Heat pump ac units are actually the more common these days. And that video did not help at all.