San Francisco 49ers vs. Philadelphia Eagles | 2023 NFC Conference Championship Game Highlights

Published 2023-01-29

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  • B Noble
    The fact the Eagles had all 22 starters healthy is a testament to the coaching and medical and training staff.
  • Richard Cranium
    All respect to the Niners. Fought hard to end even without a QB. Says a lot about them and that coaching staff.

    Much love from Philly.
  • Anthony Moffa
    What a great game for the Eagles and what a great name for a running back, Gainwell.
  • Eric Kemp
    Looking forward to the matchup against the Eagles. It will be a great game! The way it should be. The best teams from both conferences squaring off. Great coaches, great rosters, and great fans!
  • Chairman Meow
    Ill say something positive for SF - McCaffrey has the heart of a champion. He deserves to win a title eventually.
  • Jimmy James
    Landon Dickerson is a beast. Philadelphia got one heck of a deal when they got him! I would love to see Philadelphia get Josh Jacobs in that offense
  • NoPhlyZone20
    This Eagles O Line HAS TO BE 1 of the greatest collective O lines in the history of football. They're so damn dominant its ridiculous. My favorite part of rewatching these highlights is getting to break down the OL play
  • T Thomas
    This is a truly special season for Eagles fans as we actually have a DOMINANT team that isn't underachieving. Can't ever recall an Eagles team like this. If '17-18 was capturing lightning in a bottle, '22-'23 is shaping up to be a team of destiny. Go Birds!
  • The more I watch this game, the more I appreciate Jalen Hurts. He was literally taking what the defense gave him and not forcing anything for "numbers", which is where players like Dak Prescott get in trouble. Take what the defense gives you and don't make any mistakes. Who cares about the passing statistics if you're getting the wins. That man is 19 and 2 in his last 21 starts.
  • S/O to the 49ers for even making it this far with a 3rd string rookie QB. huge respect from an eagle fan
  • Celluloidwatcher
    🏈 Congratulations to the "Fly, Eagles, Fly." Winning their first NFC title since 2017 has Philly rocking. Would have loved to have heard radio play-by-play man Merrill Reese calling the game and getting excited. Jalen Hurts will get his QB matchup with Patrick Mahomes. The Kelce brothers (Jason and Travis) will square off, as well, in the SB. Should be wonderful game.
  • Part of my family are hardcore SF fans but it's just so hard not to like the eagles this year. Hurts is fkn awesome. And proud of SF for making it this far on their 3rd string and then 4th string QB. Shanahan is from Denver too and went to HS with my brother but Jalen Hurts is the man
  • AlauraLee
    CMC is a beast! Period! We had no QB. A missed challenge….so proud of my 9ers!
  • Kilo TW
    Proud of My Niners for making it this far through all the adversity and even though none of us really got the Game we anticipated. No hate for the Eagles, they did what they had to do as the complete team they are 💯 best of luck to y’all in the Super Bowl.
  • JJ Green
    It’s interesting the Eagles sometimes use one or two linebackers, and sometimes four with a heavy outside blitz. The 49’ers were able to run the ball pretty well on them. The Cowboys had success throwing on them as well.
  • cowpat1993
    As an eagles fan I have to say , mccaffrey is a beast , never gave up
  • Marilyn Holmes
    WOW! Phenomenal performance by Jalen Hurts and the Eagles. Congratulations also to Philadelphia, and Eagles fans everywhere.