How to Drive Through Roundabouts :: Driving Lesson to Pass A Road Test

Published 2017-01-24
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Introduction 0:03
World Roundabouts 2:19
North America & Roundabouts 3:53
Approaching Roundabouts & Signalling 4:37
Roundabout Signs 6:15
Truck Aprons 7:11
Mini-Roundabouts 8:00
Signalling 8:34
Multi-Lane Roundabouts 12:02
In-Vehicle (Right, Straight, Left & U-Turns) - 14:10
Conclusion 18:21
Question - Do you have any tips for new drivers learning to navigate roundabouts? 22:56
Salutations 23:13
Blooper 23:46

Are you taking a road test in a car, bus, or big truck?

In Australia, China, the UAE (United Arab Emirates), Europe and the UK (United Kingdom) roundabouts are commonplace. However, in North America, roundabouts are only beginning to make an appearance on the driving landscape. Consequently, new & veteran drivers alike have difficulty negotiating these new roadway structures.

Probably the biggest challenge for the uninitiated driver is that at roundabouts you have to be prepared to both stop and go…more or less at the same time. Thus, the key to successfully navigating roundabouts is to scan and observe well in advance. And as you’re approaching the roundabout and scanning, “cover the brake”, that way if a vehicle barges into the roundabout, you’ve cut down your reaction time and can bring the vehicle to a safe stop.

Roundabouts have several advantages:

1) Roundabouts have fewer points of conflict; therefore there are fewer crashes than at conventional intersections
2) These move higher number of vehicles through an intersection
3) Because vehicles are not stopping, these reduce urban noise.

When negotiating roundabouts, locate the roundabout as far down the road as possible. Slow to the recommended speed. Take note of the direction in the roundabout, which is indicated by signs and arrows. If driving on the right, the direction is counter-clockwise; if on the left, the direction is clockwise. Take note of any signage or road markings that direct traffic through the roundabout.

Importantly, have a plan before you begin driving and know where you want to travel. With good planning, you're going to be able to successfully navigate the roundabout because you know where you're going and which direction you want to travel in the roundabout.

When navigating the roundabout, cut the circle in half. For those driving on the right side of the road, everything on the right side of the roundabout will be either a right turn, or a straight through. Everything on the left side of the half-circle will either be a left turn or a 'U' turn.

When signalling at a roundabout, it is the same as you would signal at a conventional intersection. If you are going to turn right, signal right as you approach the roundabout. If you are going to turn left or make a 'U' turn, signal left as you are approaching the roundabout. If you are proceeding straight through, you don't have to signal.

When exiting the roundabout, signal right "if practicable". "If practicable" means if you can do it signal right just prior to exiting the roundabout.

If an emergency vehicle appears when you’re in the roundabout, do NOT stop in the roundabout. Exit the roundabout at the earliest possible exit and stop there. With this technique you are not going to block the path of the emergency vehicle.

Good luck on your road test!

World Driving: How to deal with roundabouts driving lesson: Easy to understand UK roundabouts:

Arc de Triomphe Roundabout

EuropeanT/L Spherical hedges in central island of roundabout, Century Avenue, Pudong, Shanghai, China

The busy Clock Tower Roundabout illuminated at night, Dubai, Middle East, UAE, T/Lapse

Aquaduct Traffic Circle 5

Vacation - Roundabout -

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  • Mercy Seed
    I passed my road test . Thanks to your videos. God bless you
  • Margie Ura
    I"m 71 and just passed my behind the wheel test because of your videos. I actually did have a roundabout on the examination and did fine. Many thanks! Your videos gave me more confidence. Initially, I was a bit nervous because the last time I had a behind the wheel, I was 19 years old. Thinking about all your tips while driving really helped and still does after my exam. My test mistakes were for driving too slow (I was very careful not to go over the posted speed limits, but perhaps I was too cautious) and for turning off my signal too soon after completing a lane change. The examiner said I should have kept the signal on longer after making a lane change. Nevertheless, I passed the first time and am very grateful I found your videos!!! Because I am just getting Glaucoma and Cataracts, I will be taking the California behind the wheel test every 2 years from now on. You can be sure, I'll continue to use your great resource as a mature driver. With much appreciation, Margie U.
  • Kari Ostlie
    Excellent explanation of roundabouts in this video! Thanks for reminding me to watch this video to help me understand roundabouts better during one of your live streams this week. Appreciate your thorough explanations of complex driving maneuvers/situations.
  • Ning Ning
    I am currently in a driving school in Bahrain and this video is helping me a lot to understand roundabouts. Thank you Sir!
  • Ning Ning
    Last week I commented that I understood the round about concept after watching this and was in school. Today I got my driving licence, Thank you!!! It was a great help it was indeed in my driving test!!! I'm sure there will be more students who will learn from this. keep it up Sir! Regards from Bahrain.
  • Steven Jones
    After 40 years of driving, Im still learning things from you that make me safer as I age. Old dog, new tricks.
  • Ravikant Rai
    Rick, these roundabouts look quite small. Here in Kitchener Ontario we have some bigger and busier ones comparatively. And soo many crashes have happened here, it's unbelievable.
  • Krissy Kat
    I totally pulled a Griswald's move at a roundabout on my last road test. I was such a nervous wreck rather than making a left turn as instructed, I just drove right about humiliating! Thx for this!!! ☺
  • julieeee1111
    Thank you for this. I usually avoid Roundabouts whenever possible. Roundabouts seem now somewhat a little less scary.
  • gracey
    After watching your video, i now understand how to enter and signal in roundabouts. Hopefully I will be more confident on my next driving class especially on driving in roundabouts. Thanks you so much Mr Rick!
  • Emperor Zar X
    your videos are the best on Youtube, you are very dynamic and clear to explain everything we need to know, and you show us multiple examples . Thank you so much
  • Concetta
    You're awesome Rick! Just came across the multilane roundabouts in Brantford Ontario. This video makes so much sense. Thank you!!
  • Tim Davis
    I was in that Victoria traffic circle tonight behind someone who came to almost a complete stop before entering the first one and almost a complete stop before leaving the second one. The really exciting part was knowing a dump truck pulling a pup had followed me in ans was somewhere behind me. BTW, thanks for clearing up the signalling technique in these!
  • Brent Scott
    What about the Swindon "magic" roundabout? Very informative video. Having been driving for 50 years, it's good to have a refresher.
  • Virgil 481
    Hi rick, great videos, very informative, my quick tip for new roundabout users, especially for multi lane roundabouts is don't try to 'sneak' past heavy vehicles (articulated trucks, buses etc.) that are using the outside lane by zipping past on inside lane, often ends in tears
  • Clint Kelley
    Great video! I show it to my drivers ed class every semester!! Thanks Rick
  • nomealow
    12:30 if you want to go straight on the left lane, what do you do if there are cars on the right lane turning left? Do you stop and wait until it's clear (blocking traffic behind you)?

    Edit: Looks like right lane usually only go straight or turn right, but it would be scary if a new driver messes up and turns left on the right lane
  • In the UK on the bigger roundabouts its common to see a lane specifically for going left (right in the US). This means you dont have to slow for traffic to your right (or left). Makes everything much quicker. For most in the UK and Europe roundabouts just aren't a big deal. They just work.
  • Craig Tate
    Excellent explanation, I just ran into some 2 lane versions in carmel IN. Needless to say I was a bit confused, I think this video will help huge. Thanks
  • staj
    Best Explanation of Roundabouts that I've seen, thanks a lot for this Sir!