Should i buy a house now or wait until 2020 crisis is over?

Published 2020-04-16
Should I buy a house during a coronavirus crisis? always consider your own finances first, weight the pros and cons. On the pro side, you have low-interest rates, you absolutely have way less competition at scoring your dream home because of our shelter in place orders. The right time to buy a home is always WHEN YOU CAN COMFORTABLY AFFORD IT =). Now, on the cons side go see the video for that info!

Remember, the value of your home when you upgrade in possibly let's say " 5 years" from now is not only monetarily. A home brings much more value that just economic. A home is where the family grows and thrives.

Lastly, be honest with your situation, job security, savings. Be on the lookout have your realtor do virtual tours for you. When the right home comes up you will be able to spot a good deal because you would have already seen so many properties. Consequently, you'll be confident to move forward once the right home comes along the way. Remember all those who bought a house during a crisis have made their investment back with very healthy gains! ;)

Thank you for reading this!

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