5 Of The Most Dangerous Jobs In The World | Big Business | Business Insider

Published 2022-09-11
At the center of many billion-dollar industries are workers that risk their lives making, mining, and moving our products. From scaling palm trees for acai to mining sulfur in an active volcano, these workers make little profit for their risky work. We dive into five of the most dangerous jobs in the world.

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How People Risk Their Lungs, Limbs, And Lives For 5 Big Businesses | Big Business | Business Insider

All Comments (21)
  • Alison Howat
    "risk" is misleading, because it implies that it can be evaded. Doing a job that digs you an early grave is not a risk, it's a sacrifice.
  • milk bread
    Really makes me ashamed of all the times I've complained at my cozy desk job :(
    Huge respect to them, I pray they can be paid a lot more and safety equipment and medical.
  • RWB
    They have to pay for their own equipment and don't have money for mask!?!? This is mind-boggling.... What the hell are the companies buying this stuff doing, I'm sure they can afford to buy this stuff for them
  • J_Travels
    Earlier this year I visited the Sulphur Mine at Ijen. To see these men working so tirelessly in such dangerous conditions was just unbelievable. Spending only 1-2 hours around the crater, I was struggling with the level of toxic smoke filling the atmosphere. I can't even begin to imagine how it must be for the men who work here for decades
  • Emil Gabriel
    Once again it is proven that modern society is nothing without this kind of hard working people that risk their health and their lives to provide goods for us. the sad part is that almost always they are underpaid and exploited. Huge respect and a big thank you from my side
  • Huang Cynthia
    5:47 "A symbol of how Mistar provides for his family's lives, while it slowly takes his." this man is truly a hero
  • The Herd
    These workers are beyond amazing. The horrible things they do for very little pay is so unjust. The sulfur miners have the worst possible working conditions. Driving away in the morning and his wife on the porch saying goodbye was so sad. What can you say.. “have a good day at the volcano”?
  • R C
    Man, this just makes you realize how grateful you should be for little things in your life that you thought was insignificant.

    Like acai...never realized how hard it was to actually get them, and I buy it and eat it every day like it's nothing. Amazing.
  • "A symbol of how Mistar provides for his family's lives, while it slowly takes his." - That really got some tears rolling
  • Ethylene125
    It’s just relative to the life and environment you were born into. They don’t seem to notice what we take for granted. We’ve got some fairly dangerous jobs here too, but the compensation is obviously the big difference.
  • Sachin Vinith
    I feel that without people doing things we are nothing, some of us may have money and fame and stuff but behind the scenes, it's these workers who work hard just to make sure our essential needs are met.
  • aiuc lse
    I can't help thinking that the child at 12:56 has no idea how tough the life ahead of him will be. Hopefully, better life lies ahead for them and future generations.
  • Jeffrey Hartwig
    In the 1980's I worked in a oil refinery in Southern California. We had a Sulphur plant, it was a dangerous but we had many safety accommodations such as hazmat suits and we would wear mask that had air pumped into it for us to breathe. Much respect to those Indonesians to sacrifice themselves for their livelihood and families in this way.
  • Mary Arrington
    Wow! I am in tears watching this video! I have been complaining about my problems, being in long term care, and how bad my life sucks now, and then I watch something like this, that puts things in a whole new perspective for me! I have a comfortable bed, nurses and aides to take care of me, and a monthly disability income that is more money than these people make in a year, and then some! I had no idea that simple things like sugar and salt came from places like this, and can actually be a matter of life or death for the person harvesting it! I was literally opening my packet of sugar when they started talking about how it's made, and I had to stop and say a tearful prayer of gratitude for those that produce it. I just figured salt and sugar was made and cultivated with modern machinery. I had no idea it was dangerous to harvest and produce. And although I don't buy acai berries specifically, I know I've bought things with that ingredient in the mix; never knowing or thinking about how they were harvested. It made me cry even harder, knowing that those that literally risk their lives for these products get paid the least! Can you imagine living on just $6/day? Here, that is extreme poverty, and would not be survivable, whereas for the people who sacrifice their lives to make it, somehow manage to not only survive, they can provide for their families on it; albeit just barely. I wish there was a charity I could donate to to help these people. Either with actual cash or to buy them proper safety equipment, medical care, etc. I would definitely add them to my monthly donor list of charities I donate to. So the next time you eat something as simple as a seasoning, or something that is trending, take a moment to think where it came from, and who made it possible for you to have it. The next time you think you have it hard, because you can't afford some simple pleasure or luxury item, maybe research this video. I know I will definitely be more appreciative of what I have, and less likely to complain over truly stupid and insignificant 'problems' (that word also has new meaning and significance now). And I will never forget this video or how I felt watching it! I truly want to find a charity, or start one, to help those that risk everything, just to make my life a little more flavorable. Wow! Just wow! 😭😱😲🙏❤
  • Let's all appreciate the content this man and his crew make its just masterpiece imagine what's he gonna doing the future <3
  • Betraid6661
    Videos like this help a lot to appreciate the things around, specially if you live in a better conditions, and doing easier job. I wish someday i could appreciate clear water and air around me, cuz a lot of people don't even have it, and i take it as granted my whole life.
  • BellaH
    Wow! All I have to say is thank you to all the extremely hard working people that do these jobs, so that these products can be made. You all have my utmost respect.
  • Baphomet
    I remember just working in the salt flats in the USA and it was one of the worst jobs I ever had… and we had machines to do most of the work… I can’t imagine what these guys go through
  • Madrid10
    It’s makes me ashamed of myself for complaining about small things in life when these people risk their lives everyday just to make barley enough money to survive or not even enough. I pray for them and that their work conditions will get better and that they make more money and that they are always healthy.