Jennette McCurdy shares the stories behind memoir “I’m Glad My Mom Died”

Published 2022-08-09

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  • @ITalk69
    You never would have guessed she went through all of this while watching her on iCarly. I'm glad she's doing well now!
  • @tinamarie8061
    “Accepting that mom was abusive would be reframing my whole life…” this is so real
  • I just read her book and now, I understand why she did it, why she used that title. And why she told her story. She's going to help a lot of people. God bless you, Jeanette.
  • Tell me why I started crying when she thought about putting her nieces through college after turning the hush money down. Just the fact that she thought of someone else who could’ve benefited from that money, but knowing she needed to benefit herself first. I’m so proud of her and who she’s become, even if I don’t personally know her.
  • @angelasoria2080
    The price of $300K is nothing compared to pricelessness of having integrity. Having integrity in a money hungry world especially when you're struggling is a rarity indeed...and that's your goldmine. Good on you, Jennette. ❤️
  • @davefyffe6607
    I read the book. Turns out she's a GREAT writer! Can't wait to see what comes next.
  • She was battling anorexia while portraying a child addicted to food. She would’ve devoured that food for real if she wasn’t getting abused….

    I’m in tears knowing how miserable my childhood heroes were. Especially since my own thunderstorm of a childhood was only bearable because of these stars…
  • "I chose the path of integrity" Jennette Mccurdy.
    This was the most empowering epiphany to witness. Seeing Mccurdy's self proud moment was beautiful. Considering what OTHER people did to her as a minor. Her feeling proud of herself is so beautiful 😊
  • @AuntieMamie
    I’m in my 70’s and can identify. I’m glad this courageous young woman is breaking the taboo. Bravo. She should be extremely proud of herself and deserves a very happy life.
  • @alannar9781
    She became the honest voice of so many child stars. My heart goes out to her.
  • Props to the interviewer not interrupting when Jennette needed to collect herself there for a moment. It resulted in such a powerful message. She's not a victim any longer, she's a survivor.
  • @cris404
    I love how she willingly admitted her jealousy of costars. It takes a ton of personal maturity and self awareness to admit emotions such as that
  • @NicoleMoriel
    My mom died 3 months ago and I’m 23, starting my career on Monday. It’s crazy how much I relate to Jeanette, same feelings but different experiences. When the book came out, I couldn’t help but wait for this day. I’m happy and sad at the same time. I’m excited to begin my teaching career.
  • @sakuraflower7245
    I can relate to a lot of this. What I hate the most is how many people who grew up in complete, happy families will never understand what people who have suffered abuse has gone through or is going through. They will always question you and think you are the bad person for cutting your parent off. "But they are your parents!" "But she's your mother!" "But she gave birth to you!" It's not like I chose to be born and blood relation is nothing to me if you aren't treated like a loved one. And some people will never change.
  • My dad, who was diagnosed with cancer when I was 13, is also prone to fits of rage and gaslighting and sometimes cruelty. He was never nearly as abusive as Jennette’s mom was, but I recognize how hard it is to tiptoe around a parent who can turn their anger at you on a dime, and who is sick and paints themselves the victim at the same time. I think that’s why Jennette’s story resonates with many people, we don’t usually recognize that parents can be imperfect. Or that they can want “the best” for us but be broken themselves and not know how to parent us at all.
  • @MamaGG16
    She’s such a strong young woman. I’m proud of her for acknowledging her mothers abuse.
  • @Helllooooooo278
    Jeanette is so well spoken and self aware. I’m proud of her for healing after such a difficult journey.
  • I was disappointed at first that she wasn’t on the icarly reboot but now I am so glad she chose herself and her well being over the show. She deserves the world.
  • Just finished her book and cried so many times. Growing up with an abusive mother is terrifying and we need this kind of public honesty about it! The public needs to know how vulnerable children are and how some mothers are not safe whatsoever!