Learn What To Do When God Tests You With Success with Rick Warren

Published 2016-09-19

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  • Pastor Rick, You are a TRUE man of God!!!!!I THANK GOD for your life and Ministry.Your ministry gives me LIFE!I am ALWAYS PRAYING for you and your wife and ministry.
  • arnold bledsoe
    Thank you Rick. I have forgotten God with my pride and arrogance by doing things contrary to the Word of God. I know without a shadow of a doubt that through pain and pleasure I should worship and praise God more.
  • Tim Trocke
    This video is exactly what I need right now 💕 like if you agree
  • Jennifer Hart
    This is growing myself spiritually
    A must listen to level up👌
  • Drina 2000
    Pastor Rick I love your personality and teachings!! The world really needs you!!
  • Him Chanthou
    Great example for human being. May god bless you. For Where your treasure is there your heart will be also.
  • E. R.
    Best Sermon Ever!!! 🙏
  • Renewed&restored
    Amen! This is for me this morning. I'm being tested with more responsibility at work and it's been tough but I'm enduring with God's strength. Blessings to your ministry!
  • Gorgeous
    Amen. Beautiful prayer. A full of wisdom sermon, thank you, watching oct 2019
  • Les Archanges
    ⚪❤⚪ May God bless Pastor Rick❤ I love you God⚪❤⚪
  • Donna Capacete
    Thank you for the beautiful messages, pastor Rick! :) Praise God! God bless you!
  • musumar micho
    thank you God for this wonderful message.lord i look up to you now.
  • Udeh Dominic
    Pastor Rick,you have boosted my relationship with God.I wish your ministry great success,many thank s and much blessings
  • pastor Rick..your have sow a deep seed in my life making me to learn more about God. hopefully to attend you live service one day.
  • Lukyamuzi John
    I have found a mentor in you Rick...I feel so blessed. Blessings!
  • All commands I must obey and pay special attention to the fourth out of the ten. I worship You, oh, Lord, because Your law is Your glorious character!
  • gopal banjara
    I fell very glad to enlighten my horizon and to understand the reality.