Louise Turpin’s Sister Teresa Robinette: Louise And David Are Dead To Me | Megyn Kelly TODAY

Published 2018-01-22
Teresa Robinette, sister of Louise Turpin, speaks exclusively to Megyn Kelly about the secret sexual abuse that her mother, self and siblings endured growing up and a sexual encounter Louise experienced with a stranger. She tells Megyn Kelly that she hopes her 13 nieces and nephews can one day lead a happy and normal existence. “I hope to put my arm around them and tell them they have a family that is not deranged."

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Louise Turpin’s Sister Teresa Robinette: Louise And David Are Dead To Me | Megyn Kelly TODAY

All Comments (21)
  • Sexual abuse is the worst thing that a person can endure. It is soul damaging. Psychologically altering. We as a society need to do more to eradicate it and help people heal from it. No one should be violated in such a way.
  • @cinlou5804
    I can’t imagine being so cold as to continue to question someone in that much pain. Especially when she says it’s the first time she has spoken of the abuse she suffered. Megan, can you not stop and allow her to compose herself? I’m ashamed I watched this.😞 I pray she finds the help she needs to recover.
  • @rienavoir8250
    I can't imagine how triggering this must have been for Teresa. Shame in Megyn and TODAY for exploiting this poor woman
  • Being sexually abused is no excuse for abusing your own children. I was sexually abused for a good portion of my childhood and I have never abused my children. Why would anyone want to put their children through something so horrific?
  • I hope these children can break the chains of abuse that transitioned from Louise’s family line. Being abused creates such psychological problems and unless you heal from them you perpetuate the cycle. You either go the complete opposite way or become exactly what you were taught. It’s tragic.
  • The poor lady literally said she had NEVER discussed the abuse beforeand Megyn just pushed right past it!!
    This interview should NOT have been conducted with live audience, under a ticking clock. Shameful
  • The more you learn about these animals-- it just gets worse and worse. Having to assure someone that they have relatives who "aren't deranged" is just horrifying. This poor woman; the pain she carries around every day-- I can't even imagine.
  • @carriebizz
    As a parent myself I can't imagine the horrors they went through. I'm glad they were saved
  • @indiva02
    This brave woman deserved a safer space to disclose such personal traumatic information. The interviewer was so cold and keep cutting her off and just going from question to question. Not cool. But thank you to the woman who shared her story. She did so great especially considering who was interviewing her. ❤❤❤
  • @Eagle00pr
    I know what this woman is going through first hand. My grandfather had two “wives” my grandmother one of them. He sexually abused my mom, my aunts and one uncle. The cycle repeated with me through another family member when I was 5 years old. Trauma must be healed, but trauma can repeat and become a pathology in a family if is not treated. In our family is also a dirty, nasty and repugnant secret.

    This woman is so brave by speaking the horror she and her siblings went through! I pray she is on a long healing ❤️‍🩹 journey of this atrocity!
  • @kemiodukogbe166
    I just don’t understand how you could hurt your own child. You carried each of them for 9 months and you don’t feel any feeling of love toward them?? How could you do that to your own children? It’s so shocking
  • @kathrynbukata3334
    Whoa, I just realized something... Theresa mentioned something in this video that immediately caught my attention and stood out to me more than almost anything else I've heard about this case. It didn't directly involve the children or any details of the sickening abuse they endured for several decades. But imo it's still very significant and telling because it sheds SO much light on the level of control David & Louise thought/knew they had over their children...

    It's the story about David & Louise's trips to Alabama to fulfill a sexual fantasy. And I got curious, so I searched a tentative route from the Turpin home (they lived in Texas when this happened) to their approximate destination in Alabama and found out they had to travel nearly 700 MILES - a 10+ hour drive one way - for these trips. Just let that sink in!!! If we assume the children didn't go on these trips, that would imply that this couple left all of their abused, starved, & tortured kids home alone for multiple days while they went out of state for these sexual encounters... This obviously gave those kids more than enough time and distance to safely escape and seek help, but they never did because of the sheer level of fear instilled in them by their own parents.

    Granted, if this happened between 2008-2010 we could maybe make the case that many of the kids (especially Jordan) were too young and/or too isolated to fully understand their circumstances at that point. But I still think it mostly goes back to the unbelievable amount of control (and sheer ARROGANCE) David & Louise would've needed to possess to not only leave all of their abused kids home alone while they travel out of state, but to also KNOW with such certainty that nobody would run away, escape, or alert anyone in the outside world. Especially because I personally believe that at least a few of the older kids did know (for almost their entire lives) how abnormal and wrong their lives were, and wanted so badly to get all of them out of that home.... Yet their desires for normalcy and freedom always paled in comparison to the terror they felt at the mere thought of running away.

    That's terrifying.
  • @suzette2695
    She is being brave and open... this is a horrific case of abuse and is the fault of the parents. Nobody should be bashing her.
  • Teresa Robinette shows great courage to tell her story, with her raw, searing pain on view before a live audience, and despite Megyn Kelly's heartless interviewing technique. Yes, it was their grandfather that sexually abused all of them, but he was rich and locally powerful, so the whole family kept things quiet. A new book in 2019 tells the whole sad, revolting story:"The Family Next Door," by journalist John Glatt.
  • @plantlovea.7841
    She's so brave to go public with her story. She's probably in shock and trying to make sense or understand why her sister did what she did. The sister did leave the home at 15 and I think her husband was 22, so.... It's a sad situation, poor kids.
  • @leahraenavasie2460
    From when I could remember to age 13 I was sexually abused. My mom knew something was going on with me, she asked what was wrong with me and I cried my eyes out with relief and told her everything. She told my dad. So we had a family meeting with my abuser sitting right in front of me. It was horrible. My abuser was in total denial and flipped everything on me because I wafs being a trouble maker. No one believed me. I thought maybe my only aunt would be on my side, No.💔 I always wonder to this day "why my mom never called the cops, why did my dad continue making us go visit and take care of them?" Years later the abuser committed suicide. It's not fair. I'm in my 40's and still have traumatic nightmares, certain smells scare me, I hate the dark, and if you try to wake me up when I am sleeping I freak out from touch and will fight you. It's awful. I hurt my boys many times when they were young. I have never really gotten help or dealt with this. I dont know how too.
    I feel like it's the past let's move on. Or sometimes I feel like they didn't care then why would anyone care now. My Aunt, uncles and parents are old now and it's about that time to take care of them. I am there for them always.
  • @jar911
    I wish for Teresa to know that there is no shame in the abuses she suffered at the hands of that evil man when she was young. It's also okay for her to be just as angry with her mother for taking her around that abusive man.
    Just as her sister Louise transitioned from the abused to the abuser, Teresa did not and that it because she made a moral choice to look out for her babies and to love them instead of serve a sociopaths deranged desires!
    The whole family will need an intense healing and of course the Turpin children will need the most care... My heart and thoughts(and if i were religious my prayers) go out to the entire family affected by the abuses!!!
  • @rachelgoremusic
    What a kind and beautiful woman. Props to her for opening up and sharing her story.
  • My group home staff told me when I was younger sometimes trauma makes you stronger and sometimes it makes you weaker. I believe this is what happened with these two sisters.
  • @ckfamily6150
    I went through this stuff myself, people would be surprised at how many people grow up in homes like these kids did. It affected me for life.